The "Corusca Gem" Floorplan

The Corusca Gem Casino was located in a rough, mid-level section of Nar Shaddaa. It was the location of a confrontation between the Clawdite assassin Nomo Sliken, a group of unidentified heroes, and a band of Torga the Hutt's thugs.

From the outside, the Corusca Gem was a brightly lit and flashy building. Gathered around the main entrance could be found a group of large bouncers consisting of Barabels, Gamorreans and a huge Herglic by the name of Bigluu.

Upon entering, one's ears were immediately assaulted by the racket of noises; the beeps and clacks of gaming machines, the hoots, hollers and grunts of gambling aliens with an undercurrent of music. On the inside the casino was more dimly lit with pools of light scattered here and there.

Rows and rows of gambling machines of all kinds surrounded the center pit where dozens of the main gambling tables were located under the watchful eyes of the large pit bosses whose numbers included Devaronians, Togorians, a Besalisk and a Wookiee. Myriads of games were available for play including sabacc, three-handed princess and rebo.

At the front of the Corusca Gem was a large bar attended to by several bartenders flanked by a small lounge, waitressed by Rybets, for the more privileged customers. In the rear was a smaller, cozier bar with three bartenders and a half a dozen waitresses. Flanking the rear bar were the kitchens.

Scattered throughout one could find waitress hurrying about with trays full of patron’s orders. Stationed at strategic points one could also fine various security guards including Advozsec, Iktochi and Grans.

The casino was named after the rare Corusca gems.