Coruscani Dawn was a roleplaying-game adventure in year two of the Living Force campaign. It was a standalone adventure created for Celebration II by Morrie Mullins.

Plot summaryEdit

A Jedi expedition to the Almas Sith fortress uncovered a Sith artifact known as the Pulas. After consulting with the Jedi Council on Coruscant, it is decided that it would be safest to move the artifact there for storage. However, the Believers attempt a break-in to the Almas Academy, presumably to steal the artifact. This causes Master Qel-Bertuk to transport the artifact to Coruscant quickly and with subterfuge. A number of boxes of Mandalorian iron are transported to Coruscant in a number of starships, with only one containing the true artifact.

Upon arrival on Coruscant the heroes discover that another of the ships traveling from the Cularin system has been attacked and so set out to recover its box.


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