"You don't fancy the new red armor, then?"
"I'd look a complete idiot in it. No, the Imperial Guard can do without me. I'd never fit in the suit now. Besides, the Emperor wants fit and dedicated young stormtroopers to do the job, and I'm an old street cop at heart."
―Imperial Commando Niner Skirata and Captain Jaller Obrim[src]

Coruscant Guard armor was a specialized armor issued only to members of the Coruscant Guard during the planet Coruscant's Imperial Period of rule. Over a hundred years later, the Knighthunters stormtrooper division of Darth Krayt's Galactic Empire wore armor based on that of the Coruscant Guard.


"Their faces are covered, and since they are so well regarded, nobody is apt to bother them."
Lando Calrissian discussing the Coruscant Guard[src]

The armor was light, yet heavily padded,[1] and crimson and black in color.[2] It was designed to provide protection against physical attacks. Their sophisticated battle helmet was lined with advanced sensors, allowed them to work in complete darkness, and also contained a comlink scrambler for communication with fellow personnel. A unit commander's helmet was also equipped with a voice activated heads-up display that showed Coruscant Guard positions. Optional tracking beacon software let a unit commander know the whereabouts of his subordinates at all times. This display system also provided a useful method of navigating the complex city structure of Imperial Center.[1]



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