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The production of The Agony of Tarkin.

"Do you know why Valorum loves to attend the opera?... Because it's the only place on Coruscant where an entire audience will applaud him."
Orn Free Taa[src]

The Coruscant Opera was a favorite locale of Supreme Chancellor Finis Valorum (and, as a result, many other members of the Galactic elite). When Valorum's planned attendance at a showing became known, ticket prices automatically were raised astronomically. His successor, Palpatine, favored the Galaxies Opera House.

Possibly the most prestigious and exclusive art house in the galaxy, the building itself was built in a baroque design that predated the formation of the Galactic Republic and included an actual orchestra pit. The Opera's wealthiest patrons could reserve private viewing balconies; with individual, leveled seating for all others. For the less fortunate, the Opera included a group of built-in holorecorders which transmitted each performance live so that those who could not afford to physically attend could still view the show.

It was at the Coruscant Opera that the opera The Brief Reign of Future Wraiths was first performed in 33 BBY after returning to the capital from twenty years of touring.

In 4 ABY, they presented The Agony of Tarkin.

Behind the scenes[]

As stated in Darth Plagueis, the Coruscant Opera is separate from the Galaxies Opera House.



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