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"We'll take you in."
―Fire Team Three[1]

The Coruscant Rescue Ops was an organization that existed only to serve the greater good of Galactic City, Coruscant, by providing disaster relief whenever necessary. They notably put out fires using emergency fire suppression speeders.


A Coruscant Rescue Op.

At the higher end of the Rescue Ops were Coruscant's fire-fighting teams; they piloted firespeeders, wore fire and radiation-proof body suits (including bronze helmets), and were equipped with fire-suppression backpacks that fed handheld hose-guns. These teams protected the endless urban sprawl from disastrous fires and explosions.

During the Clone Wars, many Rescue Op members were drafted into the Republic military and were often be found serving aboard Republic warships. During the Battle of Coruscant, Fire Team Three helped guide the Invisible Hand down when it crashed into an abandoned industrial precinct while extinguishing the flames from the wrecked ship.

Although most of the Rescue Ops members were trained before the Clone Wars, after the war, many clone troopers retired from service because of battlefield injuries, innate deterioration, or accelerated aging. Those troopers were reassigned to boost landing platform maintenance and emergency rapid reaction squads.



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