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"On a world of luxury, we don't have the luxury to marvel at the heights, or be distracted by the views. We peer into the shadows, so our neighbors don't have to be afraid walking through them to get home."
―Lieutenant Tanivos Exantor Divo, Coruscant Security Force inspector[5]

The Coruscant Security Force, also referred to as the Coruscant Police and later as the Imperial police, was the law enforcement service in charge of maintaining order on the galactic capital planet of Coruscant. It was responsible for conducting patrols of the planet-wide city, enforcing the law, protecting citizens, conducting criminal investigations and providing general security. The Coruscant Security Force was staffed by sentient police officers who wore a blue uniform displaying their rank and the Coruscant police symbol on their left arms. They were armed with a blaster pistol and also carried a baton and stuncuffs. Those officers who worked in the deep lower levels were referred to as underworld police. Swathed in leather and metal armor of shades of gray and yellow to protect them, the officers who patrolled the underworld were much more toughened and burly than their droids and sentient counterparts on the upper levels. The Coruscant Police utilized ranks, including that of lieutenant, captain, and prefect, through which officers could progress to higher supervisory positions. Police detectives were in charge of conducting criminal investigations and were referred to as inspectors.

To provide patrol coverage in such a vast cityscape the Coruscant Security Force relied heavily on police droids, which were a much more common presence than sentient police, especially on the upper levels of Galactic City. Specifically, the GU-series Guardian police droid was utilized for patrol services and investigative support while police probes detected and reported crimes. In providing services the Coruscant Security Force primarily conducted foot patrols and utilized a variety of airspeeders. The most common of these were the Panther police interceptors which allowed for two officers or droids as well as a prisoner compartment, and the BARC speeder mostly utilized for patrol and rapid response. With the introduction of the patrol transport the officers were able to show an increased presence and firepower as well as provide for the deployment of larger forces from the troop bay. To assist the Coruscant Police, Jedi investigators, members of the Jedi Order who were experts in the workings of the criminal underworld, used their connection to the Force to help solve crimes.

With the beginning of the Clone Wars between the Galactic Republic and the Confederacy of Independent Systems the elite clone shock troopers of the Coruscant Guard, a division of the Grand Army of the Republic, were brought in to bolster security on Coruscant. Fiercely loyal, the Coruscant Guards were assigned as peacekeepers and protectors of the Galactic Senate and Supreme Chancellor, slowly supplanting the Senate Guard. However, the Coruscant Security Force still remained primarily responsible for policing Coruscant and investigating crime throughout the duration of the Clone Wars. They were present for several incidents including the murder investigation of Senator Onaconda Farr whose killer Lolo Purs was arrested by Lieutenant Tanivos Exantor Divo, and a manhunt for Jedi Padawan Ahsoka Tano who managed to escape the Republic military base where she was incarcerated for the suspected murder of Letta Turmond. Tano was tracked down by underworld cops and as a result re-captured by Republic forces. With the formation of the Galactic Empire the Coruscant Police phased out its police droids and officers patrolled the streets alongside Imperial stormtroopers. After the Battle of Endor, demonstrations took place across the city. Police forces attempted to restore order and without warning fired into the crowds with blaster cannons from their police speeders. Rioting quickly erupted and stormtroopers were overwhelmed as blaster fights between police and civilians devolved into civil war across the capital. The planet eventually fell to the New Republic.



"We are deflectors-often invisible, always reliable-warding them from dangers they need never worry about. We look in the shadows not because we see the worst in people-but because we want the best to be safe."
―Lieutenant Tanivos Exantor Divo[5]

Coruscant cops in the underworld

The Coruscant Security Force,[1] also called the Coruscant Police,[6] was the law enforcement service in charge of maintaining order and peace on the galactic capital planet of Coruscant.[1][7][8] It was responsible for conducting regular patrols of the city–planet,[6] investigating serious crimes such as murder[3] and kidnapping,[9] preventing attacks on citizens,[6] and making arrests based on warrants[10] or when a crime was in progress.[6] It was composed of both sentient police officers[1][7] and mechanical droid forces programmed for police functions.[8] Officers could progress and hold supervisory ranks such as lieutenant,[3] captain,[11] and prefect.[12] They could also work as detectives who were often referred to as inspectors.[3]

The planet was divided into several patrol areas such as police sector 417.[6] On the surface levels of Coruscant, the GU-series Guardian police droid, the Coruscant model of the widely used police droids, were a far more common sight than their sentient counterparts as they were used primarily to patrol the vast upper reaches of Galactic City.[8] The planet's deep lower levels were patrolled by the underworld police[7] who used a recruitment test to help hire individuals proficient in memorizing and spotting faces, among other skills.[13] Despite the efforts of the underworld cops, the lower levels remained a teeming hive of violence and crime with the police maintaining only a semblance of order.[7]

Jurisdiction of the Senate District generally was under the Senate Guard, the elite soldiers of the Galactic Senate who had protected senators and the Supreme Chancellor for centuries.[14] However, investigations of crimes including murder[3] and kidnapping were still handled by the Coruscant Security Force.[9] Members of the Jedi Order who were experienced in the criminal underworld, called Jedi investigators, sometimes assisted the police with investigations. Because of their connection to the Force, the Jedi could piece together evidence and solve crimes faster than the most seasoned of detectives in the Coruscant Police.[15]

Coruscant Guards utilizing Coruscant Police gunships.

During the Clone Wars between the Galactic Republic and the Confederacy of Independent Systems, an elite division was formed of clone shock troopers called the Coruscant Guard who were stationed on Coruscant as peacekeepers.[16] Led by Clone Commander Fox, the Coruscant Guard slowly took over functions previously held by the Senate Guard and Coruscant Police.[17] Shock troopers patrolled together with the Coruscant Security Force, perform riot control,[18] guard vital government buildings and infrastructure and protect the Supreme Chancellor and the Senate.[17] When necessary, Commander Fox had the authority to take charge of Coruscant Police resources to increase security or carry out missions.[19]


"Calling all units. Suspicious activity on Level 1315."
―An underworld police officer[10]

The Coruscant police uniform mostly consisted of shades of navy blue, gray and yellow. Higher ranking officers such as lieutenants wore navy blue tunics and pants, black boots, and a yellow utility belt with a silver buckle and a shoulder strap that attached to the belt. Stripes on the sleeves indicated rank and a yellow band worn on the left arm displayed the police symbol.[1]

A Coruscant Police speeder

Cops in the lower levels wore heavy leather and metal armor in dark gray with yellow shoulder pads to protect them from the harsh and cut-throat environment of the Coruscant underworld. The armor covered their faces revealing only mechanical eye coverings. Their uniforms gave them a presence of anonymity and authority. It also had the effect of gaining them a mystic reputation as few knew if they were humanoid, droids, or something else.[7]

Coruscant police officers,[3] as well as their droid counterparts,[6] were armed with blaster pistols as well as batons as melee and self-defense weapons, and stuncuffs, to place on persons who were under arrest.[3] While police officers and police droids both patrolled in the upper and lower levels on foot, to police the vast skylanes of the city, the Coruscant Security Force utilized a variety of airspeeders. The most commonly used vehicle for patrol and pursuit was the Panther police interceptor which had a compartment for two officers or droids in the front and a barricaded section in the back for Prison. Additionally, the BARC speeder was adapted from its military origins to be used as a patrol craft, easily navigable in the planet's narrow skylanes.[6]

The introduction of the patrol transport, a smaller, sleeker version of the military grade Republic gunship, gave the Coruscant Police increased capabilities in both armament and presence. The gunship had spotlights and tracking equipment, fixed laser canons and dual mounted turrets which did not cause as much collateral damage as military weapons, and a troop bay from which police officers could be transported and rapidly deployed in larger numbers.[20]

Police droids[]

"Drop your weapons and come with us quietly!"
―A police droid[6]

Police droids investigate a crime scene.

The Guardian police droids were the Coruscant Security Force's most visible element on the upper levels of the city during the waning years of the Galactic Republic. Sleek and polished, the police droids were incorruptible and without fatigue and thereby better able to patrol the vast reaches of the upper city planet than any force of sentients could. Their programming allowed them to cause harm to others to arrest the suspects if a law was being broken or a citizen was in danger. However, the droids' rigid thinking could also be outsmarted,[8] making them more suited to police the upper levels of the city planet[6] than the violent and unpredictable lower levels patrolled by the underworld police.[7]

The blue-gray droids had masculine programming and were humanoid in shape with a head that formed into a cylindrical helmet.[8] Just like their humanoid counterparts police droids carried blasters, batons, and stuncuffs and responded to calls either on foot or in BARC speeders and Coruscant police speeders.[3][6] Most often the police droids were the first responders to situations. They created perimeters, questioned witnesses, and collected evidence before handing the cases over to organic police officers and investigators.[3]

However, as the Clone Wars drew to a close the aging police droids were gradually phased out of service, replaced by clone troopers, and under the Empire, the Imperial stormtroopers.[21] Police probes were used as well, mostly to monitor and spot crimes when they occurred. They then alerted the nearest security forces and follow the suspects till they were apprehended.[18]


A stolen lightsaber[]

"Halt! Halt! You're under arrest!"
―A police droid to Cryar and Marcy[22]

In 22 BBY,[23] Senator Padmé Amidala of the Galactic Republic Senate became the victim of an attempted assassination, Supreme Chancellor Sheev Palpatine requested the Jedi Council assigned Jedi Knight Obi-Wan Kenobi and his padawan, Anakin Skywalker, to protect her. However, Skywalker felt that the job of protecting the Senator should be the job of the local security forces on Coruscant so that the Jedi could investigate the assassination attempt itself. A second attempt on her life later on was thwarted by the Jedi whose investigation led them to discovering Count Dooku as behind the assassination order and that he was building a droid army for the Confederacy of Independent Systems on the planet Geonosis. The Republic attacked with the Grand Army of the Republic, composed of clone troopers, and with the First Battle of Geonosis, the Clone Wars began.[24]

Sinube and Tano on a police BARC speeder.

A time later[25] with the Republic and the Jedi focusing their attentions less on local law enforcement and more towards war, the criminal underworld took advantage of the situation, working with the Separatists to undermine the Republic government on Coruscant. To help counter this Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker with his new padawan, Ahsoka Tano, went to Coruscant's Slum district G17 to arrest arms dealer Car Affa. As Skywalker entered the bar to arrest Affa and the patrons fled, a thief knocked over Tano, taking her lightsaber in the process. Ahsoka was unable to find the thief and with Affa in Skywalker's custody, the Jedi returned to the Temple.[22]

Hesitant to tell her master her lightsaber was stolen, Tano turned to elder Jedi Master Tera Sinube.[22] Sinube was well known in Coruscant law enforcement and was an expert in the workings of Coruscant's criminal underworld. He was renowned for solving complicated cases faster than the most experienced Coruscant police detectives.[15] Agreeing to assist Tano, their investigation led them to a well known killer, Nack Movers. Upon their arrival at the apartment of his girlfriend, Ione Marcy, they found Movers dead with Marcy huddling in the corner. Tano pursued the suspected murderer, Cassie Cryar, who had Tano's lightsaber. Master Sinube, suspecting more to the story, notified the Coruscant Security Force and requested their assistance at the scene.[22]

While waiting for the arrival of the police, Sinube questioned Marcy and discovered inconsistencies with her story of Mover's death. As the Coruscant Police droids entered the apartment, Sinube accused Marcy of being in league with Cryar, ordering the police droids to arrest her. Marcy ran through her apartment balcony with the police droids in pursuit and jumped into her waiting speeder fleeing before the droids could grab her. Master Sinube, however, had placed a tracking device on Marcy and he requested to borrow a police BARC speeder from the police droids to which they consented. He then picked up Tano, who had lost track of Cryar while pursuing her across the Coruscant skylane, and using the tracker the Jedi located the two suspects at a Coruscant train station.[22]

Police droids take Marcy into custody.

Arriving on the station platform Ahsoka ran towards Marcy and Cryar as she shouted to the nearby police droids to stop the suspects. Four police droids moved in, telling them they were under arrest. Two of the droids seized Marcy and placed her in restrains while their counterparts attempted to grab Cryar. However, she activated Tano's lightsaber, cut down the police droids and ran with Tano in pursuit. As a train left the station, Cryar forced her way inside and Tano followed. Cryar took two passengers hostage and attempted to leave with them as it entered the next station. As the doors opened she was confronted by Master Sinube who used his lightsaber to disarm Cryar and knocked her down before three police droids rushed into the compartment and took Cryar into custody.[22]

Mandalorian intrigue[]

"We have a shooting in Sector GL5. Subject identified as Duchess Satine Kryze."
―A police probe[18]

In 21 BBY,[23] the Coruscant Security Force responded to a shooting in Sector GL5 which started a large scale manhunt and turned into a galactic incident. Duchess Satine Kryze of the New Mandalorians had arrived on Coruscant to speak out against the Republic Senate sending troops to the planet Mandalore to bring and end to the Mandalorian splinter group called Death Watch. During the debate, Chancellor Palpatine played a message from Deputy Minister Jerec stating Mandalore was in a civil war and needed Republic military intervention.[18]

A Coruscant Police probe

With Deputy Minister Jerec killed by a Death Watch attack and no way for her to verify his statements, Kryze met in a shadowy alley of Coruscant with her contact in the Republic Ministry of Intelligence, Davu Golec. Golec gave Kryze a datadisc containing Deputy Minister Jerec's full statement which had been edited before being played to the Senate. It was at that moment that a Death Watch assassin fired a shot, killing Golec, and Kryze pulled out her blaster.[18]

The shot alerted a Coruscant police probe which arrived on the scene as a crowd gathered. The police probe identified a shooting had taken place but seeing Kryze with a blaster over the deceased Golec, it identified her as the suspect. Police droids arrived on the scene seconds later and informed Kryze she was under arrest. Shocked but maintaining her innocence, Kryze fled the scene with the police in pursuit.[18]

The police probe informed nearby Coruscant Guard shock troopers who joined the police in the foot pursuit. Running into a crowed, Kryze fired a stun bolt with her blaster, disabling the police probe tracking her and sending it to the ground. The police droids tripped over the disabled probe and fell to the ground with the riot troopers also stumbling over them. The moment of confusion allowed Kryze to blend into the onlookers and she ducked into an alley.[18]

Coruscant Police and troopers pursue Kryze.

The troopers, however, spotted Kryze turning the corner and it was at that moment an individual in a speeder with a similar cloak as Kryze left the alley in his speeder. Believing the individual to be Kryze, the riot troopers communicated to the police units that she was fleeing the scene heading towards Section IG44. Two Coruscant Police droids on BARC speeders picked up the chase, with more following, but it was too late as Kryze avoided capture by staying in the alley. Both the Coruscant Police and Coruscant Guards continued the search for Kryze, questioning the locals if they had seen her and Vice Chair Mas Amedda made a public statement demanding Kryze turn herself in to Republic law enforcement.[18]

Kryze meanwhile requested help from an old friend, Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi, and agreed to meet him in Monument Plaza. Avoiding the Coruscant Police and troopers searching the park for her, Kryze handed the data disc to Kenobi, and after escaping a brief fight with the Death Watch assassin, the two made their way to the Senate Building. There Kryze turned herself in to the Senate Guards on duty and Kenobi gave the data disc to Senator Amidala who then played the full recording of Jerec to the Senate. In it Jerec affirmed Mandalore's ability to deal with Death Watch and with this, the Senate voted to not occupy the planet, Kryze was vindicated, and the police murder investigation into her was closed.[18]

Kidnapping the Papanoidas[]

"We've completed a thorough sweep of your apartment, Chairman. No evidence of foul play."
―Lieutenant Tanivos Exantor Divo[9]

Shortly thereafter[25] in 21 BBY,[23] the Trade Federation initiated a blockade of the planet Pantora in an effort to secretly force them to join the Separatists while publicly demanding they pay their debts so that trade could resume. The situation escalated and the Coruscant Security Force became involved when the daughters of the Pantoran Chairman Papanoida, Chi Eekway and Che Amanwe, where kidnapped. The police were called and an inspector, Lieutenant Tanivos Exantor Divo, arrived at Papanoida's apartment to begin his investigation.[9]

Lieutenant Divo and police droids

Jedi Padawan Tano, a good friend of Pantoran Senator Riyo Chuchi, informed her master Anakin Skywalker and Senator Amidala of the kidnapping. Skywalker told Tano the kidnapping was not under the Jedi's jurisdiction but rather a matter for the Coruscant Police. With the Separatists possibly involved, Amidala was unsure if the local police could handle the matter and Skywalker agreed Tano could investigate on her own. Tano met with Chairman Papanoida, his son Ion, and Senator Chuchi to offer her help though unofficially. Papanoida agreed to Tano's assistance and upon her suggestion, she and Chuchi left to see if the daughters were on one of the Federation battleships blockading Pantora. Papanoida and his son went to their apartment to follow-up on the police investigation.[9]

At the apartment, Lieutenant Divo, assisted by three police droids, had conducted a sweep of the Chairman's residence but had found no evidence the daughters were forcibly removed. He gave Papanoida a brief summary of the negative results of the sweep and made assurances that the police had the situation under control. However, in their search of Papanoida's apartment, the police failed to realize that Papanoida's Icon of the Moon Goddess had been misplaced and so missed the trace amount of blood, left there by the kidnappers, underneath the statue. After the police left the apartment, Chairman Papanoida discovered the blood when replacing his idol in the proper location. An analysis of the blood showed it to be that of Greedo, a Rodian bounty hunter from Tatooine.[9]

Frustrated with the lack of progress the police had made, Papanoida and Ion went to Tatooine themselves where they found Greedo. During a shootout at a cantina, they were able to locate and recover Chi Eekway. Meanwhile, Senator Chuchi and Padawan Tano arrived at the blockade and met with Trade Federation officials. There, they discovered that Federation was behind the kidnapping to force Papanoida's hand. They were able to free Che Amanwe and in the process convinced the Federation to abandon the blockade. With Papanoida's daughters safely returned to him the investigation was concluded.[9]

War and politics[]

"That is a stolen vehicle. Put your hands in the air!"
―A police droid, to Padmé Amidala[6]

In 21 BBY,[23] as the war dragged on, negotiations between the Republic and the Separatists had opened up and the Republic Senate was set to approve the Separatist's peace proposal. At that point, several demolition droids, under orders from Count Dooku, infiltrated Coruscant's central power distribution grid located far below the Senate District and bombed it. The destroyed generator cut power to a large part of the capital including the Senate Building.[26]

Police droids, weapons drawn

As darkness descended and explosions were unleashed by a surge of energy, panic and chaos erupted on Coruscant's streets and skylanes. The bombing was confirmed as a Separatist attack and the Senate in response voted to deregulate the banks allowing for an increase in clone troopers.[26] The next morning, a semblance of order had been restored though a heavy smoke still rose over the city from the explosions.[6]

By that evening, the power had been restored but the government initiated mandatory blackouts as a precaution. At the same the Senate began a debate over a military spending bill. Senators who opposed the bill began receiving threats, and using the blackouts as cover, several Senators were attacked and beaten by the bounty hunters Chata Hyoki and Robonino, who were hired by Count Dooku to intimidate the senators. Undeterred by the attacks, Senators Padmé Amidala and Onaconda Farr, himself beaten by thugs, visited the apartment of Senator Christo to convince him to vote down the bill but were unsuccessful.[6]

Upon leaving Christo's residence Amidala was attacked in an alley by Robonino and Hyoki. Hearing her screams and the struggle, two Coruscant Security Force droids rushed to the scene. Pointing their blasters, the police droids demanded the bounty hunters drop their weapons. As they moved in to arrest the thugs, Hyoki fired a wrist blaster several times into the torso of the nearest police droid. At the same time Robonino jumped onto the second droid, overwhelming it and smashing its head into the ground. Seeing the police droids were disabled, Amidala ran and stole a speeder bike from a nearby couple to escape the bounty hunters.[6]

Coruscant Police speeders corner Amidala.

Hyoki pursued Amidala and managed to attach a grappling cable to the speeder as Amidala lifted off. Robonino followed in his own speeder and the chase wound through Coruscant's streets. As Amidala was fighting with Hyoki over control of the speeder with Robonino ramming her, they flew past two police droids holding a position on a corner street in a Coruscant police speeder. The droids immediately began the pursuit and Amidala was finally able to briefly shake off the two bounty hunters. As she turned the corner, several police speeders surrounded her bringing the chase to a stop. Amidala demanded the thugs be arrested, but not seeing Robonino or Hyoki, the police only noted the speeder was stolen and placed Amidala under arrest. Later, she was released from their custody after the situation had been explained, but the two thugs had already escaped the area.[6]

The next day Alderaan Senator Bail Organa was on his way to give a speech in the Senate when Hyoki and Robonino jumped him in the parking garage. The senator pressed an emergency button and the Coruscant Security Force immediately responded to the scene along with several Alderaan guards. The bounty hunters opened fire with the police and guards shooting back. Robonino attempted to circle around but a second police speeder arriving in the hanger slammed into him, knocking him unconscious. The police and guards then engaged Hyoki as Organa attempted to flee but Hyoki shot the senator's speeder causing Organa to crash. Several guards were able to approach Hyoki, forcing him to surrender.[6]

Murders in the Senate[]

"What makes you think it was murder?"
"Poison, of course. The politicians' preferred method. Found a chemical in his bloodstream, killed him right away. It's an obvious case. Politicians always have something to hide, and it always comes back to haunt them, am I right? Oh, look who I'm asking. Room full of politicians."
―Padmé Amidala and Tanivos Exantor Divo[3]

Lieutenant Divo begins his murder investigation.

In the immediate aftermath of the Coruscant power generator bombing,[25] the Senate continued debating to decrease military spending. After a speech by Senator Amidala promoting the bill, the proponents of the legislation—including Senators, Mon Mothma, and Bail Organa, along with Farr's assistant, Lolo Purs—withdrew to Amidala's office. While enjoying refreshments Farr choked and died. The Coruscant Security Force was called in and responded to investigate the suspicious death and Lieutenant Tan Divo was assigned as the inspector on the case. Samples were taken of the drinks and the forensics report concluded that a poison had been given to the Senator thereby classifying the death as a homicide.[3]

After the Senator's funeral, Farr's political allies were summoned to Supreme Chancellor Palpatine's office in the Senate Office Building. There, Divo revealed that Farr had not died of natural causes but had in fact been murdered. Amidala suggested that Farr had been killed because of someone who was angry over the proposed military spending reduction bill. Divo was dismissive of that idea and told the senators to stay out of his investigation.[3]

Not convinced by Divo's assurances Amidala decided to pursue her own theory. She began by questioning Farr's political enemies, Senators Mee Deechi and Halle Burtoni. Deechi revealed that he had Farr followed to dig up dirt on the Senator and that the night before his death, Farr had gone to the Coruscant docks for a clandestine meeting. Though reminded by her friends that Divo had ordered them to stay out of the investigation, Amidala went to the docks with Organa. There, they were ambushed and shot at though they did not know the identity of the attacker. The disturbance alerted Coruscant police forces and they responded and secured the crime scene.[3]

Divo insists the senators stay under police protection.

After arriving on the scene himself, Divo expressed his annoyance at Amidala's actions that not only had she failed to inform him of her lead at the docks, but she had also made his job more difficult by alerting the killer to the fact that the investigation was closing in on the culprit. During the conversation, Amidala came to believe that Deechi might have been responsible for the attempt on her life, as he was the one who had told her about the docks. Though Divo tried to tell her to slow down, she ignored him, and the frustrated inspector followed her and Organa back to Deechi's office. There, they found Deechi stabbed to death in his chair.[3]

In order to secure the lives of the individuals involved in the case including Senators Amidala and Organa as well as Farr's assistant Lolo Purs, Divo gathered all of them together at the Senate Building and told them they would be placed under the protection of Coruscant Police and Senate Guard forces. However, Lolo Purs refused and left the room. Divo questioned the remaining persons about who else had been aware that Amidala and Organa were going to the docks. In response Amidala stated that the only other person who had known was Senator Burtoni.[3]

Though Divo tried to locate Burtoni she was nowhere to be found. Divo returned to the senators in time for Purs to burst in and claim that Burtoni had attacked her. Divo ordered the Senate Guards and police droids to find Burtoni and they conducted a search but without initial success. Eventually they were able to capture her and bring her to the Chancellor's office where several individuals involved with the case, including Amidala and Organa as well as Chancellor Palpatine, were waiting.[3]

Lieutenant Divo interrogates Senator Burtoni.

Initial questioning by Divo led Burtoni to deny any involvement in both Farr's murder and the attack on Purs. Divo then revealed that a forensics report indicated that the poison used to kill Farr, one that was lethal only to Rodians, was Kaminoan-made. With that evidence in hand Divo ordered Burtoni taken away. However, at that point, Amidala noticed that since the poison must have been in everyone's drink Purs should have died as well as she was also Rodian. Amidala then remembered that Purs had not drunk anything and mentioned this out loud.[3]

Purs, feeling revealed and exposed, pulled out a small blaster and took Amidala hostage. When asked why by Amidala, Purs answered that she had killed Farr because of the war he had brought to Rodia and that a new and morally stronger leader was needed. As Deechi had known about the meeting Purs had felt that he had to be removed as well. Her confession validated Divo's original theory of the case as it had been a mistake from Farr's past that had led to his murder. During the conversation, Divo, unnoticed by Purs, discreetly activated the police droids outside of the Chancellor's office. They surprised Purs at the door allowing Amidala to break away and knock her unconscious. The police droids and Divo then took Purs into custody.[3]

Pursuing a Jedi[]

"Looks like the Jedi are after one of their own."
―An underworld police officer, discussing Ahsoka Tano[10]

Opinions against the Jedi became more prevalent as the war progressed[27] into 19 BBY[23] and they reached a violent point when the Coruscant Security Force responded to what was believed to have been the assassination of Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi on a Coruscant street by a known bounty hunter. The police secured the crime scene but the assassin escaped though he was later arrested by Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker. However, unknown to the police and most of the Jedi, the incident had been a ruse to allow Kenobi to go undercover to disrupt a plan to kidnap Chancellor Palpatine.[28] Opinions against the Jedi reached a low point as well with an explosion that occurred at a Jedi Temple hangar which killed six Jedi and several clone troopers and maintenance crews.[29]

An officer communicates Ahsoka Tano's location.

The investigation by crime scene analysis droid Russo-ISC and Jedi Anakin Skywalker and Ahsoka Tano, found that Letta Turmond, the wife of Temple employee Jackar Bowmani, had fed him volatile nano-droids which then exploded killing Bowmani and causing the bombing at the Temple. Turmond was arrested and held at the Republic military base.[27] When Tano went to visit her, Turmond was killed using a Force choke making Tano seem to be the murderer. Though unknown to all, the true murderer was rogue Jedi Barriss Offee. However, Tano was arrested by the Coruscant Guard and placed in a cell.[29]

However, Tano managed to escape with, to her unknown, the assistance of Barriss Offee. During the escape, several Coruscant Guards were killed by a lightsaber leading the pursuing troopers to believe it was Tano.[29] In response to this, the Jedi Council ordered Tano's arrest. The Coruscant Police was told that she had been last seen fleeing to the lower levels, and so the underworld police units were also put on high alert.[10]

Tano managed to temporarily avoid notice by using a cloak to hide her identity. At one point two officers boarded a Coruscant train that Tano was on and they began checking IDs of the passengers. As Tano attempted to leave the train at the next station, she ran into three more officers on the platform. The cops identified Tano and moved in to arrest her. Tano pushed the officers away using the Force, throwing one back onto the platform. He signaled ahead to other units as the train left the station and the remaining four officers gave chase.[10]

Coruscant police officers fight Ahsoka Tano.

Dodging passengers Tano fled through the train cars. A civilian attempted to hold her and the police officers managed to briefly overpower her, however, Tano fought them off during the scuffle and opened a door of the train. She then jumped onto the adjacent platform as the train passed. Believing herself safe Tano began walking away slowly. Three officers standing on the platform noticed her though and ordered her to stop. Tano fled from the station and towards an open turbolift door. The cops, seeing they were about to loose their quarry, opened fire on her with their blasters but Tano had already entered a lift and by that time had escaped the officers' shots.[10]

The search continued and shortly thereafter two police officers on Level 1315 spotted an explosion at a warehouse. They gave an alert to a search group composed of Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker, Jedi Master Plo Koon, and Coruscant Guard troopers, all of whom responded and were able to capture Tano at the warehouse.[10] Tano was placed on trial but vindicated by Skywalker who discovered the true traitor was Barriss Offee.[30]

Rule of the Empire[]

"This is a waste of time."
"What do you mean? Sensor grid picked up a weird energy reading down here, so we're checking it out."
"Uh-huh. And you know It'll just be a fluctuation in the city's power couplings or something like that. Why not send a repair droid. Maybe a technician. Not Security Force. We've got real work to do, you know?"
―Coruscant police officers investigating an alert at the former Jedi Temple[11]

By the end of the Clone Wars the aging police droids were gradually phased out for patrol functions as clone troopers became an increasing sight in enforcing law and order.[21] Shortly after the Battle of Coruscant in 19 BBY,[23] the Jedi discovered that Supreme Chancellor Palpatine was in fact a Sith Lord and had engineered the Clone Wars from the beginning. They attempted to place him under arrest but failed when Anakin Skywalker interfered, falling to the dark side of the Force and becoming Darth Vader. Palpatine initiated Order 66 and the Jedi were declared enemies of the state to be executed by the clone troopers. Palpatine declared himself Emperor and the Republic became the Galactic Empire.[31]

Coruscant Security Force and ISB investigate a scene.

With the police droids no longer in service, the underworld cops became the Coruscant Security Force's day to day primary patrol and response presence. Forensic services were provided by crime scene analysis droids while in-depth investigations were handled by the new Imperial Security Bureau. Shortly after Order 66 and the Imperial attack on the Jedi Temple, three Coruscant Security Force officers responded to a warehouse near the Temple to investigate an unusual energy reading. Unknown to them it was caused by Chief Librarian Jocasta Nu who set up an ambush for the officers by setting her ship to explode once they discovered it. Additional Coruscant Security Force officers responded under the command of a captain as well as Coruscant Guard shocktroopers and an ISB major who took over the investigation.[11]

The police discovered markings that indicated the exploded ship belonged to a Jedi and the ISB major notified the newly christened Dark Lord of the Sith, Darth Vader.[11] After meeting with the major and confirming the presence of a Jedi at the Temple, Lord Vader ordered the Coruscant Guard shocktroopers and Coruscant Security Force to seal the Temple and allow no one in or out until he had cleared it, with the Coruscant Guard deploying two full companies and the Coruscant Security Force deploying a contingent of its police officers, respectively.[32] After a confrontation between Jocasta Nu and Darth Vader, Nu was taken into custody by the shocktroopers aboard a Coruscant Police gunship. However, Nu revealed to the shocktroopers that Vader was the former Jedi Skywalker. Vader then killed the shocktroopers and Nu and destroyed the police gunship to protect his secret.[33]

As the Empire tightened its grip, the Coruscant Police not only continued with their law enforcement functions, but also became an extension of Imperial might. Police officers would frequently conduct patrols accompanied by Imperial Stormtroopers.[4] Additionally, the police gunships, developed for use by security forces on Coruscant, were modified to be used as patrol craft on other Imperial worlds such as Lothal.[20] The Empire's wrath also came down heavy on the police themselves. Five years after the Empire's formation, Prefect Phoca Soot, in charge of police operations on Level 1331, was called to the Imperial Palace by Darth Vader. There, Vader held court for several Coruscanti criminals who he instructed to leave Coruscant or face imprisonment. To make a point, Vader surprised those present by executing Prefect Soot who had been on the payroll of the Droid Gotra, allies of the Crymorah syndicate.[12]

Civil unrest[]

"It's a new Empire don't want to risk anything happening. It'd look bad. Anything unusual, we check it out."
"Please. Coruscant is the most heavily secured planet in the galaxy. No one's gonna start any trouble here. I mean, it'd be suicide."
―Two Coruscant cops talking shortly before they are ambushed[11]

With the Republic's ideals swept away, the Rebel Alliance formed to fight against the Empire. Species that joined the Alliance were target by Imperial forces who were sent into the lower levels of Coruscant to enforce the relocation of the Mon Calamari. However, as Coruscant Security Forces and stormtroopers began the relocation efforts, specifically in the Old Market Sector, the Mon Calamari resisted. The resulting riots were brutally put down by the police and stormtroopers.[4]

Coruscant Security Force officers on patrol

After the destruction of the planet Alderaan by the Death Star in 0 BBY,[23] rumors of what occurred began reaching the Alderaanian population, most of whom lived on Level 3204. Vigils were held which soon became heated and angry when images followed the rumors, confirming Alderaan had been destroyed. The vigils turned into rioting which lasted for several days until the Coruscant Security Force and the Imperial stormtroopers were sent in to restore order. As the troops marched into the streets, they opened fire with their blasters killing several present including Reffe who was making a speech against the Empire. The crowds, frightened, dispersed. The following day, the Coruscant police arrested anyone caught out in the streets. The day after that, stormtroopers began going door to door stating that Rebel spies had recruited local residents and Alderaanians had to be taken in for questioning.[4]

At one point after the relocation of the Alderaanians, an underworld police officer was on patrol with a stormtrooper when they entered a cantina on level Level 1997. Recognizing two Alderaanian juveniles, Santigo and Anandra Milon, from his facial recognition display, the stormtrooper gave chase on his own, leaving the underworld cop behind. The stormtrooper was able to catch up with Anandra and attempted to arrest her. However, during the struggle, a Herglic came to Anandra's rescue, overpowered the Stormtrooper and threw him over the level's railing, killing him.[4]

At the Battle of Endor in 4 ABY,[23] Jedi Knight Luke Skywalker turned his father, Darth Vader, back to light side of the Force and he once again became Anakin Skywalker. He grabbed the Emperor and threw him to his death though Anakin, seriously injured, died as well. The second Death Star was destroyed and the Rebel Alliance was victorious. As word of the Emperor's death spread, Coruscant erupted into celebration. Citizens overwhelmed the stormtrooper forces, seizing them as bells rang out, fireworks exploded, and statues of Emperor Palpatine were torn down in Monument Plaza.[34]

During this, police forces on speeders entered the plaza and opened fire on the crowds without warning, killing many who were present. The Coruscanti erupted into rioting and some climbed edifices to jump onto the police speeders. One officer was flung from his speeder to the plaza's ground while another was struck in the head with thrown debris. The other police speeders retreated as blaster fire and fighting erupted across the capital between Coruscanti and the Imperial security forces, devolving into a civil war.[35]

Security forces are overwhelmed during the post-Endor rioting.

During the fighting Rorak, a Coruscanti who was present with his twelve-year-old son Jak, was killed by Imperial Commander Orkin Kaw. Jak, determined to seek vengeance, joined the Anklebiter Brigade, a group of children familiar with the inner workings of the city who passed on information to Rebel fighters on Coruscant. He then staged a rescue from police custody of Lazula, the women of Level 1313 crime lord Talvee Chawin, in order to gain the crime lord's favor. Using the favor as leverage Jak negotiated the procurement of an EMP device that he planned to place at the abandoned Dex's Diner to disable the power grid underneath the Imperial forces fighting the Rebels for control of Coco-Town. Jak hoped to use the loss of power and the subsequent Rebel attack as a distraction to kill Kaw and take revenge for his father's death.[35] Coruscant was eventually secured by Rebel forces and became a member of the New Republic though it did not become its capital.[36]


Tanivos Exantor Divo[]

"After all, I'm the inspector, you're the senator, so I'll handle the inspecting, and you can stick to the… the 'Senating.'"
―Tan Divo, to Padmé Amidala[3]

Tanivos Exantor Divo

Tanivos Exantor Divo was a human male police lieutenant in the Coruscant Security Force serving as an inspector during the Clone Wars. While he did not have a high rate of success as a detective, Divo displayed a self-important and pompous nature, believing he would solve whatever case he was assigned to. He held a rigid, by-the-book attitude in his investigations that often frustrated those who were victims or witnesses. His pride sometimes caused him to jump to conclusions before he had fully considered all possibilities and reviewed all the evidence.[1] Divo believed firmly in the necessity of rules and order, though he disliked reports and paperwork, and he took offense with anyone overstepping their bounds, specifically interfering with his investigations.[3]

Divo was also a victim of circumstances: When he was called to scene of the kidnapping of the Papanoida daughters, Divo was unaware that the Icon of the Moon Goddess was not in the correct location and so neither he nor the police droids noticed the blood underneath the idol, the only clue of the kidnapper's identity.[9] Additionally, during Divo's investigation of the murder of Senator Farr, Divo voiced at the beginning he believed Farr to be killed by a politician over something in Farr's history. However, Divo let himself be incompetently sidetracked by the efforts of Senator Amidala and the false accusations of Lolo Purs and he then jumped to the conclusion that Senator Burtoni was the killer of both Farr and Senator Deechi. Ironically, Divo's original theory proved to be correct when Farr's assistant, Purs, was revealed to be the true killer.[3]

Phoca Soot[]

"I am curious about Prefect Soot."
"A pity. Tasked with controlling crime in his sector, he succumbed to temptation by hiring himself out to the Droid Gotra."
―Moff Tarkin and Darth Vader[12]

Phoca Soot was a Twi'lek male who attained the rank of prefect some five years after the Empire rose to power. Assigned oversight of police force operations on Coruscant's Level 1331, Soot fell to his greed and began taking bribes from the organized crime entities in his sector, specifically the Droid Gotra who were allies of the Crymorah syndicate. Since Soot was on the Droid Gotra's payroll, crime in his sector flourished and his connections to the criminal syndicates brought the situation to the attention of the Lord Darth Vader. Soot, along with several members of the criminal syndicates, was summoned to the Imperial Palace for an investigative hearing by Vader.[12]

Moff Wilhuff Tarkin, en route to an audience with Emperor Palpatine, accompanied Grand Vizier Mas Amedda into the courtroom where Darth Vader, Soot, and Deputy Director of the Imperial Security Bureau Harus Ison were midway through the proceedings. Vader, after threatening the criminals with imprisonment or death if they did not leave Coruscant, then revealed he knew the identity of the person responsible for the surge in crime. To make his point, Vader turned and used the Force to crush Soot's heart, killing him. Tarkin questioned Vader about this and the Sith Lord replied that he was aware the police official was corrupt and by eliminating him had sent a necessary message to the criminal underworld.[12]

Behind the scenes[]

"The "Senate Murders" episode of The Clone Wars is unusual in that it almost seems like a Law & Order episode. You play Lieutenant Tan Divo and we've never really seen a regular police detective before in the Star Wars universe."
"You usually have these Arthurian-type Jedi Knights but they're not really cops. If someone steals a pack of gum, you're not going to call the Jedi. It's an interesting thing to see gumshoe, flat-foot cops exist in the Star Wars universe. There have to be this kind of civil servant peacekeepers that aren't up to the Jedi level. They are the Joe Fridays of Star Wars."
―StarWars.com interviewing Tom Kenny on the Coruscant Police[src]


The Coruscant Security Force originated as the "Coruscant Constabulary" or "Coruscant security" in Star Wars Legends content beginning with the X-Wing series by Michael A. Stackpole that began publication in 1997,[37][38] two Jedi Apprentice books from 2000[39] and 2001,[40] and the 2002 Star Wars: Bounty Hunter video game which first provided a full name of "Coruscant Security Police Force."[41] They made other appearances in various novels, comics or source material, mostly mentioned as "Coruscant Security." In 2006 Author Karen Traviss gave significant focus to the Coruscant Security Force, establishing the "CSF" abbreviation in the Republic Commando[42] and Star Wars: Legacy of the Force series[43] which would be later incorporated into "Legends" source material.[44] While Coruscant Security Force characters and stories appeared in a wide assortment of material throughout this time and all set at various points in the Legends continuity, the last major expansion of Legends material would occur in the online game Star Wars: The Old Republic that launched on December 20, 2011.[45]


Concept art by Darren Marshall of a Coruscant police officer for The Clone Wars "To Catch a Jedi" episode

In the film Star Wars: Episode II Attack of the Clones, which was released on May 16, 2002, Anakin Skywalker states that protection is supposed to be the job of the "local security."[24] However, the first appearance in canon for the Coruscant Security Force was in the Star Wars: The Clone Wars television series, specifically the episode "Lightsaber Lost," which aired on January 22, 2010. The episode introduced the Coruscant police droids which are called upon to assist the Jedi upon discovering a murder and then to help recover Ahsoka Tano's lightsaber. Dave Filoni, executive producer of The Clone Wars series, discussed the police droids in the commentary video for the "Senate Murders" episode where he revealed they were based on the Keystone Kops, a series of silent film comedies, favored by George Lucas, about an incompetent group of policemen. Additionally, he stated that the police droids were what he described as "old bucket cops" and that by the time of the events of Star Wars: Episode III Revenge of the Sith, their usage had been largely phased out.[21] The Coruscant police would appear again in the second season for the "Duchess of Mandalore" episode that aired February 12, 2010 where the police droids are shown actively working with clone forces who are patrolling Coruscant's streets alongside civilian law enforcement.[18]

Though not set in chronological order,[25] the "Senate Murders" episode that aired on March 19, 2010, after "Duchess of Mandalore," was written as a murder-mystery story with a Coruscant Police inspector as one of its major characters. The episode introduced Tan Divo, a detective who Dave Filoni described as an effective police officer but also is an "older school cop." In creating the character, Filoni pushed for Divo to be somewhat "over the top" and the crew gave him "goofy" body proportions.[21] The online Star Wars Encyclopedia entry for Tan Divo, stated that he was an officer with the "Coruscant Security Force" confirming the name in the established Star Wars canon though most material such as The Clone Wars episode guides refer to them simply as the "Coruscant Police." The use of the "CSF" abbreviation has not been established.[1] Tan Divo would appear again briefly at the beginning of the episode "Sphere of Influence" that aired October 1, 2010, when the Coruscant Police are called to investigate the kidnapping. Their inability to find any evidence pushes the episode's characters to investigate the case themselves.[9] The Coruscant Security Force made brief appearances in various other episodes, mostly in the form of police droids as background characters, notably in the episode "Pursuit of Peace" that aired December 3, 2010, where they cross paths with assassin bounty hunters and later arrest them after a blaster fight.[6]

The last arc of The Clone Wars: Season Five brought a more serious light to the Coruscant Security Force, versus the slightly comic effect of Tan Divo and the police droids. This was presented with the first appearance of what was called the "underworld police" or in some concept material named as the "underground police." They were shown in the episode "To Catch a Jedi," which aired on February 24, 2013. In the commentary for the episode arc entitled A Wretched Hive: The Coruscant Underworld, Dave Filoni discussed the Coruscant underworld which received more development after Revenge of the Sith. The episodes were illustrated in collaboration with the team that at the time was working on the canceled video game Star Wars: 1313. From this, George Lucas personally created the underworld police who were designed to be more intimidating and rougher than their counterparts that policed Coruscant's upper levels.[46] The underworld police would again appear in "One Thousand Levels Down," a canon short story by Alexander Freed[4] that was published in Star Wars Insider 151[47] on July 22, 2014.[48]



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