"…All units, look out for Jedi, young Jedi, possibly disguised now…Do not approach, I say again do not approach, armed and dangerous, call for military backup immediately…May not have braids, repeat, may have removed identifying marks…Copy that, Five-Seven…No, numbers unknown…Yes, confirm that, arson is suspected, fire investigation team is seeking access, requires military escort, please advise…Confidential material has been destroyed…Jedi may be trying to escape with highly sensitive security data, so this is top priority…Chancellor's office…Military has orders to shoot on sight…Person of special interest, male, Teevan, Veld first name Tru, do not approach, call for Five-oh-first backup immediately…"
―A CSF comm channel during Order 66[src]

The Coruscant Security Force Dispatch, also known as Coruscant Central, was the dispatch and central communications system for the Coruscant Security Force. The controller's answered emergency calls and dispatched police officers through the CSF comm channels. The controllers also had access to the CSF database.



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