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"Amazing how fast they can change things when they want to. Shame they couldn't have managed that speed and efficiency during the Republic."
―Imperial Commando Darman commenting on the changes to the old CSF building[src]

A Coruscant Security Force Divisional Headquarters served as a police division base of operations for the Coruscant Security Force in a sector of Galactic City on the planet Coruscant. After the formation of the Galactic Empire in 19 BBY, the newly formed Imperial Security Bureau took possession of the building though it was still known as a CSF divisional headquarters. The building housed the ISB's information technology center. CSF Captain Jaller Obrim and his Anti-Terrorism Unit were headquartered there after being transferred to the ISB.[1]

Later, Imperial Commandos Niner and Darman came to turn over a disk with intelligence information to the ISB. Obrim, after finding the disk contained vital information on mercenaries and rebel groups such as Whiplash, palmed the disk and gave it back to Niner so that the information could be given to Mandalorian Kal Skirata and used to help those very groups. Out loud, Obrim lamented that the disk contained no information and logged a blank disk as evidence instead.[1]

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The Coruscant Security Force Divisional Headquarters appeared in Imperial Commando: 501st, published on October 27, 2009 and written by Karen Traviss.

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