"My pleasure. CSF Staff and Social Club, all of you. End of the week. I will not take no for an answer and neither will CSF. Be there."
―Jaller Obrim, to Kal Skirata and his commandos[1]

The Coruscant Security Force Staff and Social Club, also known as the CSF Social Club or CSF Bar, was a restaurant and bar located in Galactic City on the planet Coruscant that catered specifically to police officers of the Coruscant Security Force. The Social Club was the site of meetings between CSF Captain Jaller Obrim and his close friend, Sergeant Kal Skirata. The Social Club also was the location of a special reception for members of the Special Operations Brigade, Arca Company, after a mission aimed at dismantling several terrorist cells.


"Well, that was fun. They don't drink much, your boys, do they?"
"They make up for it with eating."
―Jaller Obrim and Kal Skirata after a CSF reception[1]

The Coruscant Security Force Social Club was, by 21 BBY, a long-established restaurant and bar located in Galactic City on the planet Coruscant. It was an exclusive club that allowed only Coruscant Security Force police officers to enter. Exceptions for non–police officers were made if an officer extended an invitation. The Social Club had several open areas, private booths, a bar, and a separate bar for senior officers.[1]


"Of course I've planned a way out. I've been a mercenary since I was seven years old. You always plan for what happens when the current war is over. It's called an exit strategy, and mine's been in the planning a long, long time."
―Kal Skirata to Jaller Obrim, in a late night conversation at the CSF bar[1]

In 21 BBY, GAR Special Operations Brigade Sergeant Kal Skirata met at the CSF Social Club with CSF Captain Jaller Obrim to discuss the possibility of a leak in one of their organizations after one of their operations was compromised by terrorists.[1] Several months later, upon successfully rooting out terrorist cells operating on Coruscant, a reception was held at the Social Club. It was hosted by the CSF's Anti-Terrorism Unit and Organized Crime Unit in honor of the clone commandos of Arca Company and the efforts they had made in bringing down the terrorists. During the party, the clone troopers performed the Dha Werda Verda poem for the CSF cops. Later that evening, Jedi Knight Etain Tur-Mukan admitted to Kal Skirata that she and Darman Skirata, a clone commando, were in love and that she was pregnant with his child. The revelation shocked Kal Skirata who became determined to plan an exit strategy to give his troops a normal life after the Clone Wars. He discussed the issue with Obrim well into the early morning after the party had ended.[1] During the time of the Galactic Alliance, the CSF bar was in operation. In 41 ABY, in the aftermath of the arrest of Chief of State Cal Omas for treason against the Galactic Alliance, tales of Omas' bravery during the arrest circulated among the cops present at the bar.[2]

Behind the scenes[]

The CSF Social Club first appears in Republic Commando: Triple Zero, which was written by Karen Traviss and published on February 28, 2006. In subsequent novels of the Republic Commando, the Social Club is referred to by CSF officers and the main characters, although it does not make any further appearances. In Legacy of the Force: Sacrifice, also written by Karen Traviss and published on May 29, 2007, the bar is again referred to but does not make an appearance.


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