"If you're interested, fifty-one of the seventy crates I've clocked on this watch show up on the CSF database tagged as criminal."
―RC-1207 "Sev"[src]

The Coruscant Security Force database, also referred to as the Galactic City Police central database or police grid, was a computer storage system with datafiles of information maintained by the Coruscant Security Force.


The database included information on CSF patrols and shift schedules, information gathered on current incidents from the CSF central control room, information on traffic routes, crime statistics, criminal cases and on-going investigations, evidence, weapons, vehicles, criminals, merchandise, and shipping and transport crates as well as other information.

The database could be accessed by police officers on most computer consoles including on datapads and in their police speeders. Other law enforcement agencies including the Jedi Order could also access the database for information on both planetary and galactic criminals, on-going cases, and other information. JN-66 analysis droids and SP-4 analysis droids from the Jedi Archives's analysis wing were linked to the CSF database to share information on criminal cases with the Jedi Archives database.



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