"Wearing armor may be the latest style on the Rimworlds, but here in civilization we usually take off our spacesuits, planetside. Heavy armor usually means trouble."
―Coruscant Security Force files[src]

The Coruscant Security Force uniform was the standard uniform issued to police officers of the Coruscant Security Force. While the CSF had several variations in style throughout its history and depending on the functions of the officer, the color scheme of navy blue and yellow markings remained fairly regular.

Officers were equipped with a shirt and tunic, pants, boots, utility belts, blast vest, a blast helmet and comlinks. Generally the uniforms had markings denoting officers of a higher rank. Undercover officers, detectives, and various command staff did not have to wear uniforms and could wear civilian dress. Officers would be issued IDs to identify themselves when not in uniform.



Cold War-era uniform


Cold War-era uniform with blast vest

Coruscant police officer

Late Republic patrol uniform


Late Republic official's uniform (lieutenant)

CSF underworld

Underworld Police uniform and armor


CSF symbol during Cold War


CSF symbol during the late Republic

Sacking of CoruscantEdit

Imediatly prior to and during the Sacking of Coruscant the CSF uniform consisted of:

  • Off-white or tan-colored uniform shirt and tan pants
  • Dark knee-high boots
  • Utility belt
  • Gray blast vest
  • Gray blast helmet

Cold WarEdit

After the end of the Great Galactic War and throughout resulting the Cold War, the CSF uniform consisted of:

  • Blue-gray shirt and pants with a yellow strip that ran up the side of the pants and on the arms of the shirt
  • Yellow CSF symbol worn on upper left chest area
  • Dark blue-gray blast vests that could be worn over their chest and lower torso.
  • Brown utility belts
  • Black boots.

Late RepublicEdit


During the final years of the Galactic Republic, the general-use, patrol uniform consisted of:

  • Navy blue shirt/tunic and pants
  • White duty belts
  • White helmets
  • White gloves
  • Black boots
  • Blast vest in yellow or black/navy blue


Higher ranking officials would wear:

  • Navy blue shirt/tunic and pants
  • Optional yellow shirt to be worn under tunic
  • Black boots
  • Yellow duty belt with shoulder strap that attached to utility belt and silver buckle
  • Markings on sleeves denoting rank
  • Yellow armband with CSF police symbol worn on left arm

Underworld PoliceEdit

Officers who worked in the Underworld Police division wore specialized armor:

  • Blue-gray tunic and pants
  • Blue-gray leather overcoat with front section
  • Yellow, light gray, and blue armored plates
  • Black duty belt
  • Light and dark gray helmets
  • Off white face masks with red protectors for eyes
  • Black boots
  • Markings on helmets and overcoats initialed "PD"

Galactic EmpireEdit

During the Galactic Empire the CSF uniform consisted of:

  • Blue tunics and pants
  • Specialized markings for ranks including sergeants and lieutenants
  • Higher ranks such as prefect were not required to wear a uniform

New Republic and Galactic AllianceEdit

Uniforms during the New Republic and Galactic Alliance followed earlier models:

  • Blue tunic and pants
  • Dark blue or black body armoring and helmets
  • Name tags
  • Rank insignias
  • Black tactical fatigues were worn by Special Weapons Team members


During the Cold War era, the CSF symbol worn on the uniforms of officers was yellow with a square above a square-topped triangle. It was worn on the left upper chest though it could be covered by a blast vest.

During the late Republic era, the CSF symbol was the Galactic Roundel inset in circular markings. It was worn by senior officials on a yellow band around the left arm.


Police officers and droids had access to a variety of regular blaster pistols and heavier rifles including issue blasters, heavy blaster pistols and other pistol variations. During riots and urban unrest, officers utilized the Merr-Sonn R-88 Suppressor riot rifle to pacify large crowds as well dispersal gas and police batons. Officers also carried stun batons and stun cuffs.



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