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The Coruscant Sky was a Republic Venator-class star destroyer which fought during the Clone Wars with the Indomitable battle group.


This ship was waiting for orders with the rest of the battle group when the fleet commander, Admiral Wullf Yularen and the accompanying Jedi received a Priority Alpha communication ordering them to Kothlis. General Grievous was moving against the Bothan Spynet. When the three ships moved out of hyperspace around the planet, they discovered that the Confederacy of Independent Systems forces had beaten them there and were jamming all communications. Using jury-rigged technologies, the Admiral set up an attack plan. The Indomitable would lead them into attacking the enemy fleet while their ground forces landed on the planet. The fleet was reinforced with the arrival of the Coryx Moth. Eventually, the battle ended when General Grievous fled. The Coruscant Sky survived relatively unscathed compared to the other ships.

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