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"And to do that, we must go to the lower levels. The underworld."
Plo Koon[16]

The Coruscant Underworld, also called the lower levels or undercity, were the levels underneath the surface structures of the planet Coruscant. These very first levels of Coruscant were constructed in 100,000 BBY and eventually rose from the soil into a world-spanning city.[17] The underworld was a haven for bounty hunters, pirates, and criminal gangs, but also harbored war refugees and poor immigrants trying to make a pitiful living. Influential crime families operated in the lower levels of Coruscant,[18] which were patrolled by the underworld police division of the Coruscant Security Force.[19] Devoid of all sunlight, the lower levels were left in a perpetual state of darkness illuminated only by artificial lights for thousands of years.[4] The underworld was polluted and infested with pests and dangerous escaped pets. The very lowest levels of the city were rumored to hold ancient secrets.[20]

Skyscrapers towered above the highest level on Coruscant, Level 5127, upon which laid the Galactic City,[21] but under the surface structures the levels of Coruscant descended down all the way to Level 1, which was deemed uninhabitable.[1] Undercity dwellers often had to breathe toxic fumes from millennia of urbanization, while wealthy citizens in the upper levels had access to rich and filtered air.[22] The various levels of Coruscant were accessible by huge portals that also served as ventilation shafts.[23]

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