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The Coruscant provisional government was a transitional government that officially ruled the Core World Coruscant—once the capital world of the galaxy—during the political transition from the reign of the Galactic Empire to the era of the New Republic. Following the Imperial defeat on Jakku in 5 ABY, the Empire ceded Coruscant to the Republic at the end of the Galactic Civil War, in accordance with the peace treaty that ended the conflict. Grand Vizier Mas Amedda negotiated the Empire's capitulation in return for amnesty, and was therefore appointed as head of the provisional government. His new role was purely ceremonial, however. Placed under the jurisdiction of Republic overseers, Amedda was as powerless as the provisional government on Coruscant.

By 28 ABY, almost three decades after the fall of the Empire, Coruscant had achieved full membership in the New Republic. As such, it was represented in the Galactic Senate by two senators, Senior Senator Arbo and a Junior Senator Orris Madmund. Under the New Republic, however, Coruscant no longer possessed its historic status as the galactic seat of government. Breaking with the tradition followed by its predecessors, the Galactic Republic and Galactic Empire, the New Republic's capital switched from one member world to the next on a rotational basis, and therefore, by the time of the cold war Hosnian Prime held the status that Coruscant once enjoyed. By then, Coruscant joined a political faction—known as Centrists to their ideological adversaries—that advocated the expansion of the New Republic military as well as stronger leadership in the Senate.



"Youyou're serious. You want me to surrenderthe entire Galactic Empire?"
"That's right."
"I don't…"
"You don't have the power, do you?"
"So, get it back. And then bring a treaty to our door."
―Grand Vizier Mas Amedda and Senator Leia Organa, on Velusia[src]

Civilians flooded the streets of Coruscant to celebrate the demise of Emperor Palpatine.

In 4 ABY, Emperor Sheev Palpatine was killed in the Battle of Endor.[4] Without the Emperor, the Galactic Empire splintered into various political and military factions[5] such as Governor Ubrik Adelhard's domain in the Anoat sector.[6] At the same time, the Rebel Alliance capitalized on its victory at the Battle of Endor, reforming into the New Republic[7] while Imperial authority increasingly diminished across the galaxy.[8] Coruscant meanwhile had dissolved into a state of civil war with Imperial forces under Grand Vizier Mas Amedda fighting Rebel factions attempting to take control of the Federal District and other government sectors. However, it was Fleet Admiral Gallius Rax who assumed de facto control as the self-styled Counselor to the Empire, forcing Amedda to become a figurehead whom Rax used for propaganda and kept imprisoned in the Imperial Palace.[1]


"Mas Amedda has come out of hiding and wants to sign a cease-fire. He wants to end it. All of it."
―Mon Mothma, relaying the news of the Imperial surrender of Coruscant[src]
Imperial Temple

Grand Vizier Mas Amedda was smuggled out of the Imperial Palace by a gaggle of adolescent Coruscanti.

Within a year of the Emperor's death, the Empire was decisively defeated by the New Republic at the Battle of Jakku, resulting in the death of Counselor Rax. Though a few Imperial remnants continued to persist in their resistance, the Galactic Civil War came to an end in 5 ABY. Following the dissolution of the Imperial government, a provisional government was established on Coruscant—the capital planet of the former Empire—under the leadership of Mas Amedda. The Grand Vizier represented the Empire at the signing of the peace treaty, known as the Galactic Concordance, on the former Republic capital of Chandrila.[1]

Grand Vizier Amedda

After the Galactic Civil War, Amedda became a figurehead in the Coruscant provisional government.

The conditions of the Concordance required the Empire to remain within the predetermined boundaries set in the Core Worlds and Inner Rim, reducing it to a rump state.[9] It also prohibited the use of torture as well as the recruitment and mobilization of stormtroopers,[2] reducing the Empire's once-vast military through severe disarmament treaties and war reparations.[9] In addition, the Empire had to shut down the Imperial Academy system; and had ceded control of Coruscant to the Republic,[2] with a planetary provisional government being permitted to form on the former Imperial capital while the remaining old establishment relocated to Imperial-held territories.[1]

As such, Republic observers were tasked with monitoring Amedda's government while the New Republic itself concentrated on restoring the rule of democracy. Others fled into hiding after all surviving Imperial officials were categorized as war criminals by Chancellor Mon Mothma of the New Republic.[1] Among the officers who eluded capture by the Republic was Nash Windrider, a commander who withdrew to the Queluhan Nebula along with remnants of the Imperial Navy. Despite its size, the fleet was able to hide its presence from Republic sensors by using the nebula's ionized gases for cover.[5] Other Imperial officers and loyalists—such as Rae Sloane, Commandant Brendol Hux, and his son Armitage[1]—along with nobles, technologists,[9] and warlords[2] embarked on an exodus into the Unknown Regions of the galaxy[1] where they would ultimately establish a military junta known as the First Order.[9]


The provisional government's transitional rule was ultimately followed by the New Republic's annexation of Coruscant, thereby allowing the former Imperial capital to have representation in the Galactic Senate as a member world of the fledgling democracy. During the latter years of the New Republic Era, Coruscant was part of a political bloc that advocated the adoption of a stronger military and centralized government, informally known as the Centrists. By 28 ABY, Coruscanti political interests were represented by Senior Senator Arbo and Junior Senator Orris Madmund, both of whom supported the goals of the Centrist faction. Senator Arbo was well known for his war hawk views and support of the New Republic military.[3]


The provisional government of Coruscant was a powerless regime led by a nominal leader; the grand vizier of the former Galactic Empire, Mas Amedda retained his position for his part in ending the Galactic Civil War. By design of the New Republic, however, he would only serve as a figurehead overseen by Republic officials. Coruscant was in a state of turmoil at the time of the provisional government's formation,[1] having experienced a decline in public order[10] and the planetary civil war that followed in the wake of Emperor Palpatine's death.[11]

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The Coruscant provisional government was first mentioned in the canon novel Aftermath: Empire's End, which was written by Chuck Wendig and released in 2017.[1]



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