"Listen, bud. I'm not the idiot who crowded formation. If you had followed my orders, we wouldn't be down here. And if we're going to get out of the Wilds without some corvaj ripping our livers out, you're going to follow my orders, got it?"
―Ranna Gorjaye to Calson after their training patrol crash[1]

The corvaj was a deadly predator that inhabited the Wilds, an area of jungle and swampland on a planet in the galaxy. A corvaj was responsible for the death of the cadet pilot Calson, who crash-landed in the Wilds while flying a training patrol with his superior, Ranna Gorjaye.

Behavior and intelligence[]

A corvaj was a predator that inhabited the Wilds, an area of overgrown jungle and swampy lowlands that was known as the location of insect swarms and vicious beasts. The corvaj was known to be deadly; they ambushed their prey, and were noted for ripping out a victim's liver. Corvajs had a distinctive snarl, and were capable of killing a grown Human.[1]


Some time during the Galactic Civil War, cadet pilots Ranna Gorjaye and Calson were flying a training patrol over a planet. While above the Wilds, Calson overcrowded the formation, causing both fighters to crash into the wilderness. Aware that corvajs inhabited the Wilds, Gorjaye sought to lead the pair of them to the safety of a settlement seventeen kilometers from their position. Calson, however, refused to follow the orders of a woman. Setting off on his own, Calson was ambushed and killed by a corvaj.[1] Gorjaye managed to escape the Wilds.[2]

Behind the scenes[]

The corvaj was first mentioned in the short text story Survival Class, which appeared in The DarkStryder Campaign published by West End Games in 1995.

The planet on which the incident occurs is never identified in the text, but Gorjaye's biography states that she received flight training on both the planets Salliche and Raithal,[2] indicating that the corvaj could be native to either planet—although there is no direct evidence in the story to suggest that this is the case. The only part of the planet mentioned by name is the area known as the Wilds; while the planet Kiffex is known to have an area called "The Wilds,"[3] no source to date has established a definite link between the two locations.



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