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"Lady Corvax herself. Your ancestor. Like you, she was Force-sensitive, but she was weak, crippled by sentiment. Take heed you don't make the same mistake."
Darth Vader, to Corvax's descendant[src]

Lady Corvax was a Force-sensitive[2] female individual who resided on the planet Mustafar along with her husband. When the latter fell in battle, she attempted to resurrect him by using the Mustafarians' most sacred artifact, the Bright Star. Instead, the energies unleashed completely destroyed the surface of Mustafar.


Long before the rise of the Galactic Empire, Lady Corvax and her husband resided on Mustafar, which was then a lush planet thriving with life, and the two spouses lived in harmony with the natives. One fateful day, however, Mustafar came under attack, and Lady Corvax's husband fell in battle, sword in hand. Struck with grief, the woman stole the most sacred artifact of the Mustafarians, the Bright Star crystal,[1] to power her Aeon Engine, which she hoped could resurrect her love.[3]

That attempt, however, utterly failed. Not only was Lady Corvax's husband cursed to be trapped between the real world and what came after,[3] but the powerful energies that burst from the Bright Star transformed the beautiful planet of Mustafar into a hellscape. Following the incident, Lady Corvax kept the artifact hidden in her sanctum, whose key could only be used by one of her descendants.[1] She hoped that one day, a future descendant would be able to recover the Bright Star, bring it back to the Mustafarians, and perhaps repair some of the damage she had done.[3]



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