Corvax Fen was a forested area on the planet of Mustafar. It had become home to a cult called the Alazmec of Winsit, which became dedicated to restoring Mustafar to a thriving state and were ultimately guarding the ruins of Darth Vader's castle.[1] The Alazmec cultists believed that the soil of the fen was fertile having been soaked by the tears of Lady Corvax, and devoted themselves to protecting and reinvigorating the grove by planting a forest of irontrees. In 35 ABY, during the First Order/Resistance War, Kylo Ren arrived with a group of First Order stormtroopers, massacring the Alazmec cultists and stealing a Sith wayfinder that had once belonged to Vader.[2]

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Corvax Fen developed after Lady Corvax's descendant destroyed the Bright Star during the battle on Mustafar decades before. The destruction of the Bright Star unleashed its energy upon the planet's desolate soil, eventually developing the forest.[3]

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