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"If a blaster is considered the complete history of Corvis Minor, I'm thinking it's not a vacation spot."
Corran Horn[src]

Corvis Minor was the primary star of the Corvis Minor system, which was part of the Ciutric Hegemony ruled by Prince-Admiral Delak Krennel.

The system was an extremely unimportant one, and had a boring history. It was this fact that prompted Emperor Palpatine to choose it as the topic of an encyclopedic collection that he did not want noticed. Each library in the Imperial Palace and some other Imperial facilities had what appeared to be a multicard set entitled The Complete History of Corvis Minor. It actually contained a small, hidden blaster pistol for use by Palpatine's agents, as no one else was likely to be remotely interested in the history of Corvis Minor. Mara Jade was one of the few who knew of these blasters' existence.[1]

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The Complete History of Corvis Minor was introduced in the Thrawn Trilogy when Mara Jade acquired a new blaster from the volume to replace one confiscated from her. Corran Horn found one during his escape from the Lusankya, prompting him to wonder, half jokingly, what kind of world would have its history represented by a blaster.



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