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The planet Council served as a governmental meeting place for Nothoiin Colony representatives, who made decisions affecting the Near-Human Nothoiin civilization. Council was located in the Anoat sector of the Outer Rim Territories and neighbored the Nothoiin homeworld along the Nothoiin Corridor hyperlane.


Council was a terrestrial world located in the Council system of the Anoat sector, within the Greater Javin region[1] and Western Reaches portion[2] of the Outer Rim Territories. It sat along the Nothoiin Corridor hyperlane, amidst the sprawling Ivax Nebula, and neighbored both the planet Nothoiin and the decayed black dwarf star known locally as "the Ring."[1]


Council lay nestled among the vast Twin Nebulae gas clouds of Kiax and Ivax. Left over from the Ring's supernova eons before, the Twin Nebulae dominated the Greater Javin and long prevented hyperspace explorers from easily reaching surrounding planets like Council that were not part of the centralized Corellian Trade Spine running through the region. In particular, these scouts sought an efficient route to the planet Nothoiin, homeworld of the gold-skinned Near-Humans known as Nothoiin, who were ripe for trade.[1]

After centuries of failed attempts, the entrepreneur Ecclessis Figg finally found purchase through the gas clouds on either side of the Corellian Trade Spine in the millennium before the Galactic Civil War. The new Nothoiin Corridor, blazing through the Ivax Nebula, connected the planet Nothoiin and its alien civilization with the Trade Spine by way of Council. Figg's success turned the region into an economic powerhouse.[1]

Council took its name as a Nothoiin governmental world. Nothoiin Colony representatives met on the planet's surface to reach decisions regarding their people, though Council's jurisdiction did not extend to non-Nothoiin affairs. Originally part of the Republic's Javin sector, Council was reorganized into the new Anoat sector[1] circa 400 BBY.[3]

Behind the scenes[]

Council was created for the 2004 Wizards of the Coast online article "Galactic Gazetteer: Hoth and the Greater Javin," a supplement for the Star Wars Roleplaying Game.[1]


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