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Some Ewok Elders reunited in the Council Hut of Bright Tree Village.

In Ewok society, a Council of Elders ruled each of their villages. The leading member of each council was the village's chief. Chief Chirpa took this role for the Bright Tree Village tribe, with Kazak acting as First Elder.

The council under Chirpa ruled Bright Tree Village during the Imperial presence on Endor, and in 4 ABY they decided to aid the Rebellion in the Battle of Endor.

The council did not always see eye to eye; when Chief Chirpa announced that his daughter, Princess Kneesaa, would succeed him as leader of the tribe, the council led by Kazak vehemently disagreed due to the fact that she was a woman and therefore would not be strong enough the lead the tribe. He stated that a new leader of the Ewok tribe was to be chosen; the council would make the decision of succession. He and the other Elders later recanted their decision after Kneesaa led the women and children of the village in a successful defense against Zorbian space pirates under Captain Krag.

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