This article is about the New Republic organization. You may be looking for the Galactic Republic organization or Galactic Alliance organization.

The Council on Security and Intelligence, or CSI, was a closed, secretive council of the New Republic Senate that met to discuss threats to New Republic security. The council comprised seven members, at least five senators and three intelligence or military officials, and met in in Room 030 of the Imperial Palace. It was also called the Security and Intelligence Council, the name of an agency of the Old Republic.

In 16 ABY, members present during the discussion of the New Republic's response to the Teljkon Vagabond included senators Krall Praget, Cair Tok Noimm, Amamanam and Lillald, as well as General Carlist Rieekan of New Republic Intelligence.

In 25 ABY it consisted of six senators (Porolo Miatamia, Krall Praget, Gron Marrab, Tolik Yar, Ab'el Bogen, and Viqi Shesh) as well as at least one intelligence officer, Colonel Belindi Kalenda. It was directly responsible for the secret agency Alpha Blue.

As of 40 ABY it had been re-established under the Galactic Federation of Free Alliances.



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