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"I am committed to the idea of a galaxy ruled by an enlightened leader, with laws that apply universally—not one set for the Core Worlds, another for the Outer Rim worlds."
"An autocracy, guided by the count of Serenno."
"I am ambitious, but not to that degree."
―Count Dooku and Wilhuff Tarkin[2]

Count of Serenno was a title held by Dooku[3] of House Serenno[1] as count of the planet Serenno, with his father Gora and his brother Ramil, who lost the title with the invasion of Serenno, having held the title previously.[1] During a dinner between the two of them, Wilhuff Tarkin once referred to Dooku by this title.[2] Dooku continued to hold the title until his death during the Battle of Coruscant.[4] The cape Dooku wore was the emblem of the Count of Serenno.[3] In 10 BBY, Chrodber served as the Count of Serenno and was present aboard the First Light, a yacht owned by Crimson Dawn crime lord Dryden Vos.[5]

List of known Counts of Serenno[]

Period Count
By 231 BBY[6] Kresto[7]
42 BBY[8] Ramil[1]
42 BBY[8]19 BBY[9] AgeofRepublic-DookuCoverArt
fl. 10 BBY[5] Chrodber[5]

Behind the scenes[]

The Count of Serenno title first appeared through Dooku in the 2002 film Star Wars: Episode II Attack of the Clones, the second installment of the Star Wars prequel trilogy.[11] The title was first identified in canon via Star Wars Character Encyclopedia: Updated and Expanded.[3] In Tarkin, the title was used but with incorrect capitalization: "Count" was left lowercase.[2]


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