Courkrus, also called Khuiumin IV, was the primary planet of the Khuiumin system in the Khuiumin sector, located in the Outer Rim. Courkrus was a semi arid planet that supported a modest population of Human settlers, plus the usual migrants of other species of the galaxy. Irrigation and modern farming techniques allowed the planet to develop to the point of being able to provide its own agricultural industry. There were no known exports from Courkrus or the Khuiumin system in general.

The main trade and economical base for the planet was the largest city, Vlarnya. It was the only city with spaceport facilities. Vlarnya was also responsible for producing one of the planet's only commodities—a variant of lomin ale that was popular with frequent visitors to the planet.

Courkrus was the base of operations for the Eyttyrmin Batiiv Pirates shortly after the rise of the Empire. Eventually the Empire destroyed the bulk of that pirate group at the Battle of Khuiumin. The broken remnants of the pirate fleet became known as the Khuiumin Survivors. Some years later, the world would become the main base for the majority of Leonia Tavira's Invid pirate support. The pirate groups included Jacob Nive's Khuiumin Survivors, the Red Nova crew and Riistar's Raiders. Most of these groups were chased off of Courkrus by Jedi Knight trainee Corran Horn, while in search of his wife, Mirax Terrik Horn.



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