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The planet[4] Couronne[3] was the namesake of the Couronne system in the Couronne sector,[1] located within the Slice portion[2] of the Expansion Region.[1] It was the homeworld of[3] the humanoid[5] Imzig species.[3]

Utris M'Toc, once a member of the High King's Guard on Couronne, was forced to leave the Imzig home planet following a bloody coup.[3]

Behind the scenes[]

Couronne featured as the Imzig homeworld in the Star Wars Insider 148 article "Rogues Gallery: The Cloud City Wing Guards,"[3] published in March 2014.[6]

In developing Couronne's background for "Rogues Gallery," contributor Kevin Beentjes consulted with Jason Fry,[7] co-author of the 2009 reference book The Essential Atlas and its corresponding StarWars.com Online Companion, the latter of which originally established a star system named Couronne located in grid square P-10.[1]


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