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"GAR regulation five-six-one-one, subsection A—an officer may invite guests into the wardroom. And you'll apologize to Sergeant Skirata right now."
"I will do no such thing. I'll have you court-martialed."
"Really? Court-martial this."
Clone Captain Ordo and Republic Navy Ensign Luszgoti, just before the latter is headbutted[src]

A court-martial was a military trial.

In the time of the Old Republic, Lieutenant Virk was court-martialed for treason after a series of incidents in which he scammed the officers under his command.[1] A few years later, Admiral Dannis Veriga was court-martialed after ordering a withdraw from Alderaan after a attack of the Eternal Fleet.

During the Clone Wars, clone troopers Fives and Jesse, nearly faced a court-martial during a battle on Umbara, when they disobeyed the orders of Jedi General Pong Krell.[2] Later in the war, in the year 19 BBY, the Republic Navy ensign, Luszgoti, threatened the Null ARC trooper, Ordo with a court-martial when the clone—whom Luszgoti viewed as inferior regardless of his superior captain rank—commanded the subordinate officer to apologize for the disrespect he voiced to the ARC trooper and his adopted father, Mandalorian sergeant Kal Skirata. Luszgoti's court-martial threat was silenced when temperamental clone soldier proceeded to headbutt the junior naval officer, breaking his nose.[3]

In the Combined Defense Forces of the New Republic, it was a court-martial offense for a member of the military to provide a civilian with a starfighter such as an X-wing.[4]

During the onset of the Second Galactic Civil War in 40 ABY, Colonel Jaina Solo was court-martialed by her twin brother, Colonel Jacen Solo, for disobeying a direct order to destroy a fleeing enemy ship. As a result of her act of insubordination during the Blockade of Corellia, Solo was stripped of her rank and suspended from military duty.[5]

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