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The Court of Justice, also known as the High Court or Supreme Court, was the highest judiciary of the New Republic and Galactic Alliance.


New Republic[]

The Court of Justice was held in the Galactic Courts of Justice Building, where it members of the Court of Justice were selected by the Senate Justice Council from a list of nominees presented by the Chief of State and then confirmed by a floor vote. The First Justice was head of the Court, and was elected by the other members of the Court from among their numbers, who were addressed as "Your Honor(s)".

Nominally independent, the power of the Court of Justice was limited by its narrowly defined jurisdiction: to review charges of violations of the Charter by members of the other branches of the New Republic's government. The Court of Justice did not serve as the court of last appeal for ordinary civil and criminal cases; those were settled by local judicial authorities on member worlds.

Theala Vandron Jr. was called before the Court to answer charges relating to slavery on Karfeddion, which violated the Rights of Sentience.

Galactic Alliance[]

Under the Galactic Alliance, the Court of Justice was given further powers and made truly independent of Senate authority, though it is likely that their members were still confirmed by the Senate.

The Court was led by the Chief Justice, also known as the Grand Justice. All other members of the Court were referred to as High Justice. In 43 ABY the post was of Chief Justice was held by Uved Pledesin. In 44 ABY the post was held by Tela Rovas.



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