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Cov was the squad leader of Yayax Squad. He was in one of the squads trained by Rav Bralor on Kamino. He wore a gray-and-brown dazzle-pattern Katarn armor like the rest of his squad. He was also seen with brown coloring on his armor.

During the Battle of Coruscant he assisted Omega Squad with ARC Trooper Lieutenant Aven in defending the HNE Headquarters building from Separatist attack. He and the rest of Yayax Squad deserted and joined Kal Skirata on Mandalore, where they were responsible for farming and infrastructure duties at the Kyrimorut compound, alongside Levet. He was taken to Mandalore by Nyreen "Ny" Vollen. At one point, Cov fell in love with Ruusaan Skirata and engaged in a romantic relationship.

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