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This article is about agents of the Jedi Covenant. You may be looking for Jedi Shadows, investigators within the Jedi Order, or the stormtrooper known as Shadow.

A Shadow was a Jedi agent for the Jedi Covenant who had been all but erased from all official documents and was known only to a few of the Covenant's members. Separate from the Jedi Order, the Shadows were based on the same concept as Jedi Shadows, though these agents were tasked with hunting down Sith artifacts. Among some of the captured treasures were the last Epistle of Marka Ragnos, Jori Daragon's amulet and the Eye of Horak-mul. Around 3963 BBY, agent Celeste Morne was given the task of finding the Muur Talisman on Taris. At this time, there were at least 30 Shadow Jedi.

After the execution of Operation: Vindication, all Shadows were either killed or taken into custody by the Jedi Order.[source?] Celeste Morne escaped this fate as she had been placed in stasis in Dreypa's Oubliette.



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