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A Covert Ops clone trooper

The Covert Ops clone troopers were elite clone troopers serving with the Grand Army of the Republic during the Clone Wars. These troopers were mainly assigned to perform "dirty work" that most clones would find questionable and unethical, mainly finding and eliminating clone troopers who've deserted the army.

They were standard clone troopers, drawn from rank-and-file formations, who had shown some potential for "dirty work". Director of Special Forces Arligan Zey tasked Null ARCs N-10 and N-5 with training them in commando tactics, along with former Mandalorian Cuy'val Dar Wad'e Tay'haai and Mij Gilamar. However, the "dirty work" they were sent out to do wasn't always as clear-cut as expected: covert ops troopers were occasionally sent to eliminate other clones who had chosen to desert from the Republic and live their own, independent, lives. Their trainers were kept in the dark about the sinister task they were training the Covert Ops clones to carry out and were furious when they found out.

One of the few known operations of this type was on Gaftikar when Moz and Olun were deployed to eliminate ARC A-30, an ARC trooper who had deserted his post. This two-man team was KIA by Darman, who was mistaken for A-30 when undercover and attacked.

The Covert Ops Clones served in squads with up to two men. Many utilized modified DC-15A blaster rifles and DC-15Ss, and their armor contained a specialized coating of Reflec to conceal themselves. Their armor was colored purple with brown camouflage. It was also marked with a purple trident symbol on their wrists and chest reminiscent of the ones on Wad'e Tay'haai's shoulder armor.

This type of clone trooper was one of the most secretive in the Grand Army of the Republic as their activities were kept from both public and military records. Contrary to the other elite clone troopers, Covert Ops troopers were not part of the Special Operations Brigade nor did they follow the proper chain of command. The Director of Special Forces even ignored their existence for a long time, and they were supposed to take orders directly from the Office of the Supreme Chancellor.[1]

Behind the scenes[]


The action figure version of the trooper.

This type of trooper made its first appearance as a StarWarsShop.com exclusive action figure. The backstory of the Covert Ops clone trooper was meant to be developed by fans in Round 6 of the What's The Story? feature of Hyperspace. However, according to Pablo Hidalgo, "A winning entry was selected, but it became apparent that projects in the works tread too closely to the lore being established in the CO troopers, that the call was made to pull it. Better that than introduce an instant-continuity error." The backstory of the covert ops troopers was established in True Colors.



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