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"You can't simply live for others—"
"Ha!... Sorry, ma'am"
―Covis interrupts Leia Organa in a message to Tace[src]

Covis was a human male Alderaanian who lived in the Alderaan Enclave on the volcanic planet Sullust during the Galactic Civil War. After the Princess Leia Organa, R2-D2 and the starfighter pilot Evaan Verlaine saved members of the Alderaan Enclave from a stormtrooper raid, Covis joined Organa's mission to rescue the survivors of Alderaan. While questioning some of her decisions, he remained loyal to Organa.


The Alderaan EnclaveEdit

"You're suggesting we ignore an alarm? I wonder what your motive might be."
"I am saying outright. Mr Covis that it could be a diversion from something bigger, or a charade to draw us out."
―Covis and Jora Astane discussing the arrival of intruders into the Alderaan Enclave[src]

Covis was a member of Preserver Jora Astane's Alderaan Enclave on the planet Sullust, who bought up land to build an exclusive enclave using proceeds generated from smuggling. Following the destruction of Alderaan, Covis was manning the security monitor when a member of the Enclave reported a security breach in auxiliary hatch three. When Astane suggested they ignore the alarm because it could be a distraction, the third Alderaanian pointed out that one of the intruders was Princess Leia Organa, the heir to Alderaan's throne. Astane dispatched a rifle squad who brought the rebels Organa, R2-D2, and the starfighter pilot Evaan Verlaine to the Alderaan Encalve's command hub.[1]

When Organa tried to convince Astane of her sincere intentions to gather the survivors of Alderaan, Astane instructed Covis to take R2's data and mine every scrap of data from Organa's ship Lord Junn including her weapons profile, navigation history, and transmissions. While Astane took her guests on a tour of the Eyewell, Covis discovered that one of Organa's passengers Tace had been corresponding with her sister Tula, who was stationed aboard an Imperial cruiser. Believing that Organa and Verlaine were traitors, Astane ordered her followers to kill them but the rebels escape down a hatch which led to a den inhabited by rockrenders.[1]

Shortly later, the Imperial Commander Dreed dispatched a platoon of stormtroopers which invaded the Alderaan Enclave. With R2's help, Organa and Verlaine managed to unleash a pack of rockrenders on the stormtroopers, which chomped on their mineral rich armor. Out of gratitude, Astane convinced her followers including Covis to bow before their Queen.[1]

Serving Princess LeiaEdit

"The gall of that woman. Painting me as the criminal. Covis, you're my witness."
"You've been bowing and scrapping to "that woman" all week. Make up your mind."
―Jora and Covis discussing their dissatisfaction with Leia's leadership[src]

After boarding the Lord Junn, Covis and Astane tracked down the alleged spy Tace and brought her in chains before Organa. While Astane was convinced of her guilt, Organa ordered them to leave while she questioned Tace in order to ascertain her guilt or innocence. In private, Astane complained that Organa was painting her as a criminal. Vouching as a witness, Covis opined that Astane had been bowing and scraping to that woman all "week" and urged her to make up her mind.[2]

In Covis and Astane's absence, Organa ascertained Tace was innocent and instead identified her sister Tula as the Imperial spy. When Tace blew Tula's cover, Dreed threatened to execute her unless Organa surrendered herself into Imperial custody. Prior to Organa's trip to the desert planet Skaradosh, Covis questioned Organa about her plan but Organa refused to budge from her plan and asked if he was coming alone with her. When Covis heard Organa telling R2 that she would see him on the "other side", Covis and another follower assumed that Organa was going to die while his companion quipped she was going to droid heaven.[2]

During the flight to Skaradosh, Covis and his co-pilot flew while Organa told a tearful Tace via computer to find the strength and purpose to live without her. When Covis chuckled, Organa noticed and Covis issued an apology. When Organa asked Covis about the racket, he explained that Dreed's Star Destroyer was using its sensors on them. On Skaradosh, Covis and his companion accompanied Organa when she met with Dreed to facilitate the exchange. In return for Organa surrendering herself, Tula was set free. Covis and his companion then led Tula to their T-1 shuttle.[2]

However, Organa's "surrender" was actually a ruse. Verlaine arrived in the Mellcrawler and attacked Dreed and his men, killing the Imperial commander. Covis along with Organa, Tula, and his companion then escaped aboard the Mellcrawler where they were joined by R2 and the Sullustan Nien Nunb. The group managed to escape the Empire by launching a decoy ship. Covis and the others then traveled to Espirion where they joined an Alderaanian refugee armada. Though Dreed's second-in-command Venk attacked the refugee flotilla, the Alderaanians were saved by the intervention of Chief Beon Beonel, the leader of the Alder-Espirion who dispatched the warship Espirion Multi.[3]

Personality and traitsEdit

"Your highness, are you sure you want to go through—"
"Mr. Covis, I'm not going to keep explaining myself to everyone. If you're with me, come along. If not—"
"Yes, Ma'am. Sorry, Ma'am."
―Mr Covis was a dissenting but ultimately loyal subject of Princess Leia[src]

Covis was a human man with dark skin, a black beard, and a black mustache. He wore brown robes and a wide headgear. Covis initially distrusted Organa since he intercepted an Imperial transmission aboard her starship Lord Junn. However, he joined his leader Astane in submitting to Organa after she saved them from an Imperial attack.[1] Later, Organa's determination not to condemn the alleged spy Tace without ascertaining her innocence led Covis and Astane to question her leadership.[2]

Covis was critical of Organa's plan to trade her freedom for the life of the Imperial spy Tula. He believed that she was setting herself up to fail. Despite his skepticism, Covis remained loyal to Organa and accompanied her to the prisoner exchange, which turned out to be a ruse by Organa to free Tula and escape Dreed's clutches.[2]

Behind the scenesEdit

Covis first appeared in the 2015 Marvel Star Wars comic series Star Wars: Princess Leia. He was written by Mark Waid, illustrated by Terry Dodson, inked by Rachel Dodson, and colored by Jordie Bellaire.


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