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The Coyerti campaign occurred in 3 ABY when the Coyerti species asked for protection from the Galactic Empire. The Rebel Alliance sent Twilight Company to intervene. During the battle, defected governor Everi Chalis provided information about a biotoxin facility, which a squad of Rebel troopers destroyed, and were exposed to toxins, but quickly recovered. At the end of the battle, the Coyerti army joined to destroy the Imperial garrison.


The Rebel Alliance had been retreating from the Mid Rim for 96 days before the campaign started. The Rebels lost many planets and forces and fell back into the Outer Rim. Twilight company was sent in to provide cover for other battlegroups as well as to protect the Coyerti during their breeding season. Once the rebels secured Coyerti, it would create a larger shield from the Mid Rim to the outer reaches. The Coyerti were normally able to defend themselves and were hardy enough to resist the bioweapons. However, for a short time, the Coyerti were completely defenseless during a breeding season. The Alliance picked up a transmission saying that the Coyerti needed help. This alerted them and the Coyerti became allies with the rebels.[1]

The Battle[]

Attack on an Imperial Scout Post[]

Twilight sent in Dropships with squads all along the planet. Gadren was saved by a faulty grenade when attacking a camp. The attack went smoother after that with Sergeant Zab's squad and Namir's squads attacking an Imperial scout camp. The camp was freshLy erected and was totally unprepared for the two squads. The Squads attacked from different sides and overwhelmed the troopers in 10 minutes. After that they set charges and moved out quickly as TIE/sa bombers came to level the camp.[1]

Assault on an Imperial Fort[]

Namir and his squad were trucking through a swamp, when a message from Lieutenant Sairgon came through. The message said that the plans had been altered and a dozen rebel squads led by Carver would take the fort. Brand noted later in the day that they had destroyed it.[1]

Hunting an AT-ST[]

Namir woke up with a message saying to seek out and destroy an AT-ST. In total his squad had three grenades. Garden's first grenade missed, but the second one did visible damage to the legs. While trying to climb into the cockpit, Brand sprained her ankle falling. Namir and his squad eventually submerged the AT-ST in a swamp after attacking it all day.[1]

Destruction of the Distillery[]

On the fourth day, Captain Micha Evon decided to test former Governor Everi Chalis' information. Namir's squad was sent in to destroy an Imperial bio-weapon facility known as the Distillery, which would set back the Empire years on Coyerti. His squad marched all day to the facility and infiltrated it the next. Brand set a small explosive on a blue crate which set off an alarm. All of the staff exited the bunker and the team went in Roach shot one man and they planted explosives. Thirty minutes later, with the squad safely away, the bombs went off and destroyed the facility. The team walked to the evac zone, during which they discovered they had been exposed to some bio-weapon. Garden seemed to be immune and set up camp near the evac zone. The dropship was not there and they had to wait a few days for it to come. Then, they were treated by the medics aboard the Thunderstrike.[1]

Defeat of the Imperial Garrison[]

Sometime later, Ajax recalled how they were pinned down by a walker and the X-wings couldn't get a shot on it. A drumming sound started and a massive army of Coyerti arrived. The lieutenant in charge surrendered and the rebels celebrated.[1]


The Coyerti campaign wasn't the only rearguard the rebels had that week. Several battle groups had all attacked Imperial worlds to allow the Alliance Fleet to evacuate the Mid Rim. Other battles involved the 21st on Bestine IV and Bitter Pill Company lost its troop transport on some world. Coyerti was one of the Alliance's only victories in the final Mid Rim Retreat. Losses included Hope Station, Unroola Dawn, and Talrezan Four.[1]

The several objectives that the company was told were distressing to Namir who met with Captain Evon. Evon said that he had to do what he was ordered and the Alliance was a catalyst for change. This was acceptable to Namir.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

The Coyerti campaign appeared in the 2015 novel Battlefront: Twilight Company, written by Alexander Freed.[1]


Notes and references[]

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  2. The main events of Battlefront: Twilight Company are set 22 years after the Clone Wars, which ended in 19 BBY, according to Star Wars: Galactic Atlas. Those events must have therefore occurred in 3 ABY. Furthermore the Coyerti campaign must have also occurred that year.

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