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"The Mon Calamari live on a water-covered world. One of their favorite desserts is crab-stuffed creampuffs. With live crabs."
Dash Rendar, to Zak Arranda[src]

Crab-stuffed creampuffs were a pastry enjoyed by the Mon Calamari species,[2] who were native to the planet of Dac.[1] The treats were similar to cream-stuffed pastries but were filled with live crabs. In 0 ABY, crab-stuffed creampuffs were served at the Life Day celebration of the Mon Calamari Bobringi Mafusa on the luxury star-cruiser Star of Empire, but when the ship was evacuated because of engine troubles, the leftover creampuffs were abandoned. After the evacuation of the cruiser, a Human named Zak Arranda found a platter of the creampuffs and eagerly bit into one of the desserts. To his dismay, his mouth was filled with tiny, live crabs, so he spit the creampuff out while shaking the crustaceans off himself.[2]

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Crab-stuffed creampuffs briefly appeared in the tenth installment of John Whitman's Galaxy of Fear young reader series, The Doomsday Ship (1998). In 2013, they were mentioned in the core rulebook for Fantasy Flight Games' Star Wars: Edge of the Empire roleplaying game.



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