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Cracken's Crew was a team of Contruumian resistance fighters led by Airen Cracken.

Following the subjugation of Contruum by the Galactic Empire, Cracken formed the unit and began to engage in a campaign of mechanical sabotage. Their graffiti tag "Cracken's Crew Says Hello" was found upon destroyed or disabled supply depots, mining operations, star docks and landing bays.

The Crew's efforts distracted the local Moff long enough for militia to form, and together their combined resistance was sufficient to force the Imperial forces into retreat. One of the members of the Crew was Cryle Cavv, from Ryvellia, a personal friend of Cracken living on Contruum.

Following the liberation of Contruum, Cracken and his Crew joined the Rebel Alliance, providing their knowledge of sabotage and field tactics to the growing Alliance military.

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