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The Crait outpost, also known as Crait Base, or the Resistance base, was an outpost of the Alliance to Restore the Republic on the mineral planet of Crait. Rebel pilot Heff Tobber was stationed there as a transport pilot until its abandonment prior to the Battle of Scarif in 0 BBY. In 34 ABY, the abandoned base was still there when a battle broke out between the Resistance and the First Order on the planet surface.



One of the base's V-232 turrets

The outpost was a rough, bare-bones facility. It was mostly underground and had a small tractor beam for snagging approaching ships.[1] A massive metal door protected it from exterior attack and served as the only obvious entry and exit way. Outside of the door were a number of trenches as well as six V-120 and seven V-232 artillery emplacements to defend against enemy attacks. The base also had a shield generator that was powerful enough to prevent orbital bombardment. The base was protected by a series of artillery batteries and trenches, as well as being home to a large mineral mine.


The rebellionEdit

It was first founded before 3 BBY as an outpost of the early rebellion. After finding information leading to the planet, Princess Leia Organa of Alderaan traveled to Crait on the royal yacht Polestar. Upon landing, she was taken to the outpost, where she discovered that her father Bail Organa was involved in the rebellion.[1] Following the destruction of the first Death Star, Leia, Captain Han Solo and Luke Skywalker took a team to Crait to see if it would work as a new base for the Rebel Alliance. Leia was then taken into the outpost's old mineral mines. However, Trusk Berinato alerted SCAR Squadron and the rebels were forced to abandon the outpost after a firefight with the SCAR troopers.[4]

First Order–Resistance warEdit


Resistance forces in the outpost's trenches

After the Battle of Starkiller Base, the Resistance evacuated to the base after their original base on the planet of D'Qar was discovered by the First Order. The First Order followed the Resistance to the world, which sparked the Battle of Crait.[5]

Behind the scenesEdit

The Crait outpost was first mentioned in the 2016 reference book Star Wars: Rogue One: The Ultimate Visual Guide, written by Pablo Hidalgo.[2] The base later appeared in the 2017 novel Leia, Princess of Alderaan, written by Claudia Gray.[1]



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