"Will you look at that? A Cranan star-hopper. Haven't seen one of these in a while."
―Han Solo[src]

The Cranan star-hopper was a type of starship. The Barbadelan pilot Karamu owned one such ship with his L-1g general purpose droid SV-3, but it was damaged when it crashed onto Rendel.[1]

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The Cranan star-hopper first appeared in a flashback section of the comic Star Wars Adventures: Tales from Vader's Castle 3, written by Cavan Scott, illustrated by Corin Howell, and published by IDW Publishing[1] on October 17, 2018.[2] On Twitter, Scott confirmed that the starship's name was a reference to the planet Cranan 12 in the text=Star Wars Legends continuity,[3] first mentioned in "The Greel Wood Haven," an article written by Craig Robert Carey and published in Star Wars Adventure Journal 6 in 1995.[4]

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