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"Better have my protocol droid standing by."
"Your Brilliancy will recall that he was, ah, re-assigned… when his translation of your joke about the three Hardex and the bantha failed to amuse the Hardexian ambassador."
―Craw and Captain Steggus[src]

A protocol droid with masculine programming served as a translator for Craw, the Dictator-Forever of the planet Targonn, before or during the year 5.5 BBY. However, the protocol droid was unable to successfully amuse a Hardexian ambassador with his translation of a joke told by Craw, which led Craw to deactivate the droid and turn him into a fountain.


Craw, the self-styled Dictator-Forever of the planet Targonn, owned a protocol droid[2] at some point before or during the year 5.5 BBY.[1] When a Hardexian ambassador visited Craw, the Dictator-Forever told a joke about three Hardex and a bantha. The ambassador was not amused by the protocol droid's translation of the joke, so Craw had the droid deactivated and turned into a fountain. In his new function, the droid stood upright and spewed water out of his mouth. Birds would sometimes perch on his limbs. During the time the droid was being used as a fountain, Captain Steggus, one of Craw's underlings, had to remind Craw of the droid's fate when Craw asked Steggus to have a protocol droid standing by.[2]


The protocol droid owned by Craw was a bipedal droid with masculine programming and orange-colored plating. As a protocol droid, he[2] was classified as a third-degree droid.[3]

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Craw's protocol droid was depicted in a single panel of the 1995 comic Star Wars Droids: Season of Revolt 2, which was written by Jan Strnad and penciled by Bill Hughes. The droid was depicted as a fountain in a single panel of the comic as Craw and Steggus discussed his fate. The droid's appearance in the comic was similar to[2] the 3PO-series protocol droid,[4] although Craw's protocol droid had a different facial structure.[2]


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