"Cray? The blonde with the legs?"
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Cray Mingla was a scientist and Jedi Knight of the New Jedi Order. She was the daughter of Margolis and the niece of Sophra.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Mingla accepted to Jedi Academy

Doctor Mingla was one of the galaxy's foremost innovators in artificial intelligence and had been a student of Stinna Draesinge Sha. She was romantically involved with her partner, Nichos Marr. Cray was very cultured and remained impeccably groomed and updated on the latest fashion trends.

In 11 ABY, Nichos actively sought to be tested for Force sensitivity and intended that Cray came with him. They both arrived at Luke Skywalker's Jedi academy and Luke confirmed they were indeed Force-sensitive. They went through Jedi training and became Jedi Knights.

Cray soon learned that Nichos had been diagnosed with Quannot's Syndrome. She continued her Jedi training, practicing hard in the mornings. During the night, she used hypnosis and drug therapies to stay awake and did research to save her lover's life. Her expertise in the field had earned her a doctorate at the prestigious Magrody Institute and she managed to transfer her lover's consciousness into a droid body using forbidden Ssi-ruuk technology.

Both Jedi Knights accompanied Luke Skywalker on his mission to sabotage the Eye of Palpatine. The three Jedi were forced to split up and Cray was captured by servants of the Empire. While she was brutally beaten, Nichos was forced to watch her suffer. He had a restraining bolt placed on his body and—being partially a droid—could do nothing to save her. Cray realized that Nichos' spirit had never been transferred to the droid body. The droid Nichos, though resembling her lover, was only a droid and nothing could be done to change this. After Nichos died on board the Eye of Palpatine, Cray gave her own body to the spirit of Callista, as she wanted to die to be with her dead lover.

Cray Mingla was one of the first students of the restored Jedi Academy to die.

In 13 ABY Callista would use Cray's name as an alias while she was on Nam Chorios.

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