The Crescent-X9 was a Galactic Republic military starship developed circa 4000 BBY. It was designed and built by Krasten Shipyards.


NebulonRanger schem

Crescent-X9 schematic.

The Crescent was armed with four laser cannons, two concussion missile launchers each with a magazine of eight missiles, and eight shield generators.

Six Alderaan Motors power generators and engines were mounted in two distinctive boxes of three and were set at 90 degrees to each other on a starframe around which the rest of the courier was constructed. This right-angled design gave the courier increased agility without adding the weight of increased maneuvering jets.

The large wing on the cockpit's right side was the Crescent's most notable feature. At a 45-degree angle to the cockpit, the heavily-armored wings had retractable fins for better control in atmospheric flights. The airlock and sensor array pylon were also visible on the wing. The ship also featured an access corridor in the neck that held a boarding ramp and escape hatch, which led to the living area. The drop bay at the base of the craft could be used as a cargo bay.



An escape pod of a Crescent-X9

The Crescent-X9 was developed by Krasten Shipyards for dangerous missions on the Galactic frontier, including law enforcement and courier jobs. The starship had a reputation for effective firepower and agility in combat and was used heavily by both the Republic Navy and the Jedi Order as a result.

The Jedi knew that the might of the courier itself, combined with the Force powers of a Jedi crew, would be enough to bring all but the most determined hostiles to the negotiating table without any blood spilled.

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