The Crescent-class Transport or Crescent-class freighter was a fast luxury courier manufactured by Hyrotii Corporation.


Hyrotii Corporations first foray into the field of light freighter design, the Crescent-class was primarily designed to appeal to affluent young beings who desired to travel among the stars,[2] and was marketed as a high-performance courier and fast delivery ship.[1]

A sleek and streamlined design, the Crescent-class traded tonnage for speed, coming equipped stock with a class one hyperdrive and high-speed Ion drives.[2] As a result, however, the craft had only moderate shielding and sparse weaponry, having to rely primarily on its speed and maneuverability for defense.[1]

The interior of the craft had all the features that people had come to expect from a Hyrotii luxury craft, with luxuriously appointed interiors, an impressive control panel array in the cockpit, the latest food-preparation technology in the galley, and the latest in holo-entertainment units in the lounge area.[2]

Despite these desirable traits, the craft was somewhat difficult to upgrade; though, despite its limitations, there were workarounds to coax better performance out of the vessel.[2] Most notably, the three person escape pod under the cockpit could be converted into an additional weapons housing, while the passenger cabins could be converted into space for extra shield generators, upgraded sensors, or other electronic suites.[2] Furthermore, the ship's power couplings ran through the ship's central passage, making it particularly easy to reroute the power systems; and sensor jamming packages, while typically power hungry and difficult to install on a light freighter, were relatively easy to install on a Crescent-class.[2] While it was difficult to pull more speed out of the ship, it wasn't impossible; and, on a whole, it wasn't difficult to turn a common Crescent-class into a smuggler's dream.[2]

As a result, many spacer's who made their living through con games or larceny found the ship to be an attractive vessel for its speed and opulence; the speed allowed the ship to make quick getaways, while the widespread and well known luxury status of the ship made customs officials and patrol vessel extremely unlikely to hassle the vessel, for fear of upsetting a Moff or dignitary.[2]



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