"This isn't a bad armor, but it has one basic flaw: the tracking system alarm."
―Jatras, on the Cresh Luck Armor[src]

The Cresh Luck Armor was a modified Creshaldyne Industries Riot Armor available to the public during the Galactic Civil War. It protected the wearer against attacks, and it also warned against incoming fast movements in a short range, using an Infrared Motion Sensor Array. The warning was an audible signal that could be re-directed to sound only in the wearer's blast helmet but, as noticed by user Jatras, locating the attacker would then be harder as the wearer could not use hearing to do so. Other users, such as Heller, changed the warning display so it would not be an intrusive noise.

The Cresh Luck Armor could be bought through Gundark's Gear Datalog. A number of bounty hunters, including Gennan Var, used these armors during their chases.


"The tracking system works, but imagine it's dark, the alarm goes off and you now have an attacker within a 360-degree circle of you (and probably no more than 30 meters away). Not only that, but the alarm is not exactly quiet and can be heard if you are not wired in through a blast helmet."
―Jatras, on the Cresh Luck Armor[src]

The Cresh Luck Armor was a standard customization of Creshaldyne Industries's Riot Armor. This battle armor[1] covered —and protected— only the wearer's torso and front of his or her legs.[3]

The Cresh Luck Armor included a warning system known as Infrared Motion Sensor Array. This technology used infrared motion trackers to detect any fast movement —which was understood as an attack against the wearer.[1] Any object heavier than 10 kilograms moving faster than 1 meter per second within a range of 30 meters triggered the alarm.[4] The default alarm was audible, but it could be configured to sound only inside a blast helmet, to become a visual signal in the wearer's goggles,[1] or to be perceived as a subtle tingle. One user of the armor, Jatras, believed that the audio alarm would either warn the attacker too, or prevent the wearer to pinpoint the attacker's position by hearing.[2]


"It's a no-win situation."
―Jatras, on the Cresh Luck Armor[src]

The Cresh Luck Armor was available for AurebeshSans-Serif credit500 during the Galactic Civil War.[1] It was one of the products in the illegal Gundark's Gear Datalog, where several users —including Jatras and Heller— posted about the pros and cons of the item. Heller took the warning "tingler" of low charge in the power cells of the old DL-44 model of blaster pistol and adapted it to the Cresh Luck Armor, replacing the beeping sound with a less-intrusive tingle; after succeeding at this, Heller wrote about the method on the Datalog.[2]

During that War, a number of bounty hunters used Cresh Luck Armors.[5] One of them was the relentless Twi'lek Gennan Var. Var wore his Cresh Luck Armor when he was tracking Nawnam the Hutt.[3]

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The Cresh Luck Armor was first mentioned in Galaxy Guide 10: Bounty Hunters. All the specific paragraphs about it were repeated in Gundark's Fantastic Technology: Personal Gear, adding new information on it in the form of a exchange between Jatras and Heller. The role-playing stats say that the Cresh Luck Armor was more effective against energy damage, such as blaster bolts, than against physical damage, such as a punch. Albeit the sources say that it is a modified Riot Armor, the non-modified Riot Armor has yet to appear in canon.



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