"[…]The AT-ATs are behind schedule. I don't have your command over the workers."
"Because they believe you are a coward."
―General Crik and Darth Vader[1]

Crik was a male Imperial general during the early years of the New Order. Stationed at Tremor Base on the forested planet Otavon XII, Crik oversaw the construction of All Terrain Armored Transports in 19 BBY. When a series of attacks by the native Ovoni disrupted construction, Emperor Palpatine dispatched his apprentice, Darth Vader, to ensure that work resumed. After foiling one Ovoni assault, Vader departed into the forests to deal with the remaining rebels, leaving the timid Crik concerned with both his and the base's safety. The General's fears were realized when the Ovoni summoned native sugati beasts to successfully destroy the base while Vader was away.


"Lord Vader! You can't keep taking these unnecessary risks!"
"The Ovoni pose no threat to me, General Crik."
―Crik and Darth Vader, following an Ovoni attack[1]

Crik was a male general serving the Galactic Empire in 19 BBY. He was assigned to Tremor Base, an Imperial outpost tasked with the construction of All Terrain Armored Transport walkers, on the forested world of Otavon XII. The native Ovoni grew to despise the Imperial presence on their homeworld and sought to remove the Imperials through force. Several attacks were enough to disrupt the construction of the walkers, prompting Emperor Palpatine to dispatch his apprentice, Darth Vader, to put Crik and his men back on schedule.[1]

Crik worries about his safety as Vader departs Tremor Base.

After arriving on Otavon XII, Vader played a key role in defeating an Ovoni assault on the base. When the skirmish was over, Crik emerged from the safety of the base and implored the Dark Lord of the Sith not to take any unnecessary risks by directly confronting the natives. He then followed Vader into the base, expressing his concerns for the continued attacks despite the dwindling numbers of Ovoni rebels. The Dark Lord announced that he would deal with the natives, and that the completion of the walkers on schedule should be Crik's only concern.[1]

At dawn the following day, perimeter sensors detected movement on the base's outskirts, prompting Vader, Crik, and a group of clone stormtroopers to emerge from the base to confront whatever it was. When Vader spied a being, Crik ordered his troops to fire at will, but Vader countermanded him when the being revealed himself to be an injured stormtrooper. The clone collapsed to the ground and announced that the Ovoni were being led by a Jedi. Faced with this truth, the General ordered that the number of snipers on the walls of the base be doubled. As Vader departed to confront the Jedi, Crik urged him to return to the base, fearing an attack while the Sith Lord was gone. Vader ignored his concerns, telling the General that he was in no danger within the well-defended outpost. The Dark Lord added, threateningly, that Crik would only face danger if he had failed to complete the construction of the AT-ATs by the time of Vader's return.[1]

Deep within the forest, Vader defeated a group of Ovoni led by the Jedi Padawan Dendro before moving to find and confront the Jedi's Master. En route, he was contacted via hologram by Crik, who concluded that the Jedi was likely on Mount Dijandi, the peak of which was well beyond scanner range. Again the General urged Vader to return, stating that the construction was still behind schedule because he lacked the Sith's control over the work crew. Calling him a coward, Vader told Crik to execute the least proficient among the workers immediately, adding that the General should not distract him any further. Vader caught up with the Jedi Master, Hylon, on Mount Dijandi's summit and killed him. However, upon his return to Tremor Base, Vader discovered that the base and everything in it had been destroyed by native sugati creatures summoned by a sound emitter that had been placed by the Ovoni.[1]

Personality and traits[]

"You're leaving?!? You're here to protect us!"
"Tremor Base is well-defended, and you are in no danger, General. Unless you fail to complete the walkers by the time I return."
―Crik and Darth Vader[1]

A timid man, General Crik came to fear the Ovoni of Otavon XII after their continued, yet fruitless, attacks on Tremor Base. His cowardly nature, Darth Vader believed, was the reason for Crik's lack of command over the work crews, and, in turn, the reason why construction on the AT-ATs was behind schedule. The General continually implored Vader to remain at the outpost as a means of safety, but Vader ignored him, believing Tremor Base provided adequate protection. This proved not to be the case when sugati destroyed it while Vader was away.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

General Crik first appeared in Star Wars: Purge: The Hidden Blade, released in April 2010. In the comic, he plays a relatively minor role, and while it is implied in the final panels that Crik and all personnel at Tremor Base were killed in the sugati attack, his death is not evident.


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