The Crimson Aces were an independent mercenary strike force that operated during the Galactic Civil War.

The squadron was equipped with mixed force of elderly starfighters, mostly Z-95 Headhunters, with a couple of salvaged X-wings and a few Y-TIE Uglies.

Until the early days of the Empire, the Crimson Aces had been the space defense force of planet Repea, near the Cron Drift; but fearful and avaricious Repean politicians feared the Aces would turn against them and in concert with the Empire, they wiped out the Aces planetside base and drove the survivors into space.

The commander, a human named Gikkin, sought his revenge by recruiting mercenary pilots to replace those who had been killed—after capturing a Nebulon-B frigate (which he renamed the Stacked Deck as a wry reflection of the Aces's betrayal), Gikkin sowed dissent between the Empire and Repea by striking at both sides with disguised ships, and eventually a pair of Star Destroyers delivered the message of vengeance to Repea that Gikkin could not.

In the process, the Aces found they had a talent for the mercenary life, and although their founder was later killed during a sortie, his second-in-command Colonel Tyrus took over, seeking to continue the squadron's notoriety.

The Crimson Aces went where the credits took them, frequently taking missions from Hutt gangsters, Black Sun and even the Empire as well as defending Rebels, independent worlds and corporate consortia. With the Stacked Deck as a mobile base, the Aces could handle most missions that require a fast-moving, deadly strike force.

Behind the scenesEdit

The original draft of the feature On Wings of Rogues also included the following information on three members of the Crimson Aces, although this was cut from the final version:

Colonel Tyrus – A rarity among his own pacifistic people, Tyrus is a Cerean who has turned his intellect to strategy, tactics and the business of warfare. An excellent soldier, Tyrus views the Rebels as right-minded in their opposition of the Empire, but too concerned with morals to fight the enemy on their terms. To him, wealth is only secondary to the challenge of combat.

Wezd "Tank" Koupa – A heavyset male Gungan, "Tank" gets his nickname from his big, chunky frame. A little slow with other beings, Koupa is an excellent technician, preferring the company of droids and machines. He will occasionally fly support missions in a Z-95 when the other Aces need backup.

Vahne Shan'Zen – nicknamed 'the Queen of Air and Darkness' after the Sabacc card, Vahne is a serious and dour Rodian female who owes Tyrus a life debt; the Colonel rescued her from a pair of assassin droids after her parents were murdered, and now she serves him, forever on the lookout for the truth about the death of her family.


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