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"Await the dawn."
―Lady Qi'ra[3]

Crimson Dawn was a criminal syndicate led by the former Sith Lord Maul, that near the end of the Clone Wars was a member of the Shadow Collective. Maul employed the gangster Dryden Vos as the public face of the syndicate during the reign of the Galactic Empire. During its existence, Crimson Dawn quickly cemented a reputation for being ruthless. Qi'ra publicly served as Vos' top lieutenant, but later directly worked with Maul after she killed Vos.

After Maul's death during a mission to Tatooine, Qi'ra became the new leader of Crimson Dawn and was given the title "Lady." She rebuilt Crimson Dawn and planned to use it to destabilize the galaxy in her ultimate plan to take down Emperor Palpatine and Darth Vader. Crimson Dawn also grew by creating a web of agents throughout the powers of the galaxy. Sometime between 3 ABY and 4 ABY, Crimson Dawn announced its return with an auction for the carbonite-frozen Han Solo that they had had stolen from Boba Fett. Syndicates and organizations from all over the galaxy were invited and attended, and Crimson Dawn used the auction to demonstrate their power and cause a rift between the Empire and the Hutts by manipulating them into a battle over Han Solo. This eventually led to a Syndicate War over which syndicate would take over the Hutts' contract with the Empire, escalated by a series of anonymous attacks carried out by Crimson Dawn. Qi'ra hoped that she could succeed where Maul failed and use the chaos and disorder Crimson Dawn created to take down the Sith and the Empire, but ultimately failed.


Rise of the Dawn[]

Mercenary roots[]

"There's a story about a band of mercenaries who came to a peaceful planet. They had a resource that these men coveted, so they took it. They kept coming back, taking more, till finally, the people resisted. When the ravagers returned and demanded their tribute, the people shouted back with one voice. No more. So they cut out the tongue of every man, woman, and child. That was many years ago. Do you know what that pack of animals became?"
―Enfys Nest[14]

Crimson Dawn on Savareen.

Before reorganizing into a larger criminal enterprise, the forerunners of Crimson Dawn were a band of ruthless mercenaries who traveled from planet to planet, seizing the resources they coveted or needed while brutalizing the natives into complying. One such world was the desert planet Savareen, which possessed a resource that they desired. After several raids on their world, the Savarians rose up against them, refusing to comply anymore. As punishment for their defiance, the mercenaries cut out the tongues of every single man, woman, and child they could find. The story was told by Enfys Nest to Tobias Beckett and Han Solo before they went to Dryden Vos.[2]

Eventually, Crimson Dawn would dominate the criminal underworld and become the most powerful of what came to be known as the Five Crime Syndicates, the others being the Crymorah syndicate, Black Sun, the Pyke Syndicate, and the Hutt Clan. Crimson Dawn also enjoyed a fragile alliance with the Pyke Syndicate.[6]

In the shadows[]

"Make sure there are no more delays. And if there are, I am certain Crimson Dawn would love the opportunity to take control of your operation."
―Maul, to Marg Krim[11]

Maul, the leader of Crimson Dawn, threatens Marg Krim.

In 19 BBY,[15] Crimson Dawn became a member of the Shadow Collective, a vast criminal organization under the control of the rogue Sith Lord Maul. After they joined the Collective, Crimson Dawn participated in the taking of Mandalore.[16] Sometime later, after delays in the Pyke Syndicate's operations, including the raiding of one of their Spice shipments on Coruscant by the Galactic Republic, Maul contacted Marg Krim, the leader of the syndicate, to assess the issue. Krim assured Maul that the syndicate's delays would not change things. Maul declared that he had more important things to deal with than his incompetence, and then threatened to have Crimson Dawn take over the Pyke's operations if there were any more delays. Krim regarded Maul's tactic of pitting the syndicates of the collective, including Crimson Dawn, against each other was an efficient way of dealing with their business.[11] At the time of the Siege of Mandalore, Crimson Dawn was led directly by the near-human man Dryden Vos. Just prior to the enactment of Order 66, Maul ordered Vos, as well as the other leaders in the Shadow Collective, to go into hiding, in anticipation for the chaos following the rise of the Empire.[17]

Under Maul[]

"Crimson Dawn used to be run by a very bad man--a guy named Dryden. He worked with some of the worst of the worst, and I always figured he had someone else even worse above him. They lied, cheated, killed…You never knew where you stood with them, except that it was probably worse off than you were before."
―Lando Calrissian[18]

Maul, speaking to Qi'ra.

Maul eventually took a more direct role in Crimson Dawn's activities. Much like his previous rule over Mandalore, Maul elected to rule from the shadows rather than establish himself as the visible leader of his syndicate. However, unlike the Shadow Collective, most of the rank-and-file of the organization did not report to him directly and few even knew his identity. Instead, Maul relied on a figurehead–Dryden Vos–to serve as the executor of his will to his men.[2]

During the reign of the Galactic Empire, Crimson Dawn had significant influence in the area of Wild Space that the planet Pashvi was located in.[6] Crimson Dawn's base of operations at this time was the night-black Nau'ur-class yacht named the First Light which was owned by Vos and also served as his private residence. The organization was also known to utilize Fang-class Starfighters.[19] Also during this time, the Galactic Empire often clashed with Crimson Dawn in security enforcement missions, many of which pilot Yrica Quell participated in on the Imperial side and would remember long after her Imperial career. Quell noticed that the Crimson Dawn gangsters she killed knew knew better than to try to negotiate, and they also recognized that there was no place for their cartels under the Empire.[20] On the planet Athus Klee, Crimson Dawn operated an ore hub in a valley on the world and offered lucrative one-year contracts for labours to work there. The syndicate employed Doctor Cornelius Evazan to cybernetically alter the workers in a gene-mod chop shop housed on site in a cluster of hexagonal silos. The Besalisk Dexter Jettster eventually discovered Crimson Dawn's ore hub. He then rescued a single Rodian worker from the hub and the pair headed back toward the spaceport. Upon reaching the port, Jettster contacted a politician on Coruscant, who he was friends with and informed him of the hub. The politician sent a ship to pick up the Rodian and Jettster's surveillance scans so that they could be taken before the Imperial Senate Council of Labor Abuses and report Crimson Dawn's activities on Athus Klee.[6]

Around this time, during the reign of the Empire and of Crimson Dawn, Crimson Dawn had a Zabrak male named Jarm Brock infiltrate the operations of Hutt crime lord Jabba Desilijic Tiure in Mos Entha on the planet Tatooine as part of a ruse to send Jabba after the Hutt Council. The plan worked as Jabba believed that Bokku, a fellow Council member, had been behind Brock's infiltration. In response he sent several teams to kill Brock and his enforcers, though these attempts failed, leading Jabba to send the notorious former bounty hunter Deva Lompop, now an information broker, alongside the bounty hunter Boba Fett to complete the job. The pair traveled to a cantina in Mos Entha where they were ambushed by Brock. Fett managed to capture Brock while Lompop took care of his enforcers. Lompop then questioned Brock about what he was doing on Tatooine, Brock revealed that he was not working for the Hutt Council, as Jabba had been led to believe, but for Crimson Dawn instead. Brock revealed that Crimson Dawn was making 'big moves' and expressed his belief that they were going to bring about a reckoning. When Lompop asked where the residents of Mos Entha were, as she had noticed that the town seemed very empty, Brock informed her that they had killed those who refused to joined Crimson Dawn, and that the rest except a bartender had left Mos Entha instead of joining. Lompop then began to eat Brock, though she was unable to eat Brock's horns and left his head. She took the head back to Jabba, and explained that the job had not gone as planned. However, she did not inform him of Crimson Dawn's machinations and led him to believe that Bokku had stolen his slaves from Mos Entha, encouraging Jabba to send Brock's head to him.[21]

Also during the Imperial Era, Crimson Dawn agents contacted a group of spacers, demanding their presence on the First Light. There they met with a leader of Crimson Dawn who explained to them that they had hurt the syndicate and its operations. However, the leader said they make amends for trouble they had caused the syndicate by eliminating its Zann Consortium rivals on Cardooine.[19]

Sometime between 13 BBY and 10 BBY, a human woman named Qi'ra was sold as a slave to Vos. He saw great potential in her and eventually trained her and made her his lieutenant.[14] This promotion eventually lead to Hondo Ohnaka, partnered with the bounty hunter droid IG-88, pursuing Qi'ra on Ord Mantell, the two believing that a Crimson Dawn lieutennant would fetch a large bounty. They successfully restrained her, but after Qi'ra managed to make IG-88 turn on Ohnaka while the pirate was distracted, Qi'ra picked the lock of the binders they put her in and escaped, before putting binders on Ohnaka. With IG-88 and Ohnaka now both in binders, Qi'ra held them at blasterpoint and forced them to walk so that she could collect the bounty on both of them.[22] Sometime after Qi'ra became Vos's lieutenant, Crimson Dawn performed a raid of one of the warehouses of the Razzi Syndicate. Crimson Dawn recovered a lot of cargo and crates from the raid. This included the logbook known as the Smuggler's Guide, which Vos gave to Qi'ra with the instructions to exploit it or get rid of it. Qi'ra had Aemon Gremm, the captain of Crimson Dawn's Hylobon Enforcers, fast track an analysis of the logbook. While she waited for that, she recorded much of the cargo found in the Razzi warehouse raid in the book. One of the items was a HK8 Sawtooth blaster pistol, which indicated to Qi'ra that the Razzi syndicate enjoyed robust supply lines with gunrunners that Crimson Dawn could take control of. The other items were several fake Kitel Phard vases, 50 kg of low-grade spice in Weequay religious spherical objects, disassembled HK-model gladiator droids bearing Grakkus medallions, and two mummified Tuk'ata specimens. A human woman named Val found the Smuggler's Guide in a crate filled with Crimson Dawn goods that the gang she was in stole from the freight platform in Zarra on Cato Neimoidia. After spending a brief time investigating on the planet Cato Neimoidia, Beckett and his gang formulated a plan to rob a Railcrawler conveyex suspected of carrying Crimson Dawn cargo. But the plan ultimately failed when Enfys Nest and her Cloud-Riders attempted to steal from and attacked the train.[6]

Dryden Vos talks with Beckett and Solo.

By 10 BBY, Dryden Vos still served as the public leader of the organization.[2] In that year, Vos sent his associate Tobias Beckett to obtain a shipment of Coaxium from the planet Vandor, for Crimson Dawn.[5] Vos met with Beckett and his crew on the First Light after they failed to obtain the Coaxium. Vos considered killing them, but instead allowed them to perform a new heist for Coaxium on the spice mines of Kessel, and sent Qi'ra with them. They successfully retrieved the Coaxium, with the help and support of smuggler Lando Calrissian, but one of the people working for Beckett, a man named Han Solo–who was also Qi'ra's former lover–wanted to give the coaxium to the freedom fighters known as the Cloud-Riders instead of Crimson Dawn. However, Beckett, who was a secret double agent for Crimson Dawn, revealed to Vos Solo's plan. But Solo suspected Beckett's betrayal and had planned accordingly. Beckett attempted to escape with the Coaxium but was killed by Solo. Vos and Solo fought over the coaxium, until they were discovered by Qi'ra. She threatened both of them, but sided with Solo, killing Vos. She then used Vos's signet ring to contact Maul, who told her to bring the First Light to the planet Dathomir, Maul's homeworld that he was secretly running Crimson Dawn from. Qi'ra followed his instructions and abandoned Solo.[2] From there, Qi'ra would take up the position formerly filled by Vos after she was promoted by Maul.[23]

In 3 BBY, Crimson Dawn sent an agent to bid at an auction for the Phylanx Redux Transmitter on Cantonica, held by the Wandering Star syndicate. In the final round of bidding, the agent outbid all of the closest contenders, but then a firefight broke out and the Phylanx Redux Transmitter disappeared in the chaos.[7]

A temporary dusk[]

"It's true…Crimson Dawn never really left. They have been waiting all this time…planning something big"
Devono Vix to Beilert Valance[24]

In 2 BBY,[25] Crimson Dawn lost its secret leader when Maul was stranded on[26] the Outer Rim[27] planet Malachor,[26] and later slain on the planet Tatooine.[28] This lead to Crimson Dawn being thought to be destroyed by its rivals.[3] But Crimson Dawn was not truly defeated, and instead operating secretly and on a smaller scale, building up assets until it could make a return.[8][24]

Crimson Dawn's fortress-flagship, the Vermillion.

During this time, Qi'ra, earning the title of lady, came to control the remains of Crimson Dawn, and lead its rebuilding. Qi'ra plotted to use it in order to set the stage for the defeat of Emperor Palpatine and Lord Vader.[29]

At this time, Crimson Dawn had two other leaders who were subordinate to Qi'ra and served as her advisors. They were Margo,[30] who had also been a part of Dryden Vos's concierge,[2] and Trinia.[30]

As Crimson Dawn slowly began to grow again, the organization eventually achieved a new headquarters in the form of the fortress-flagship the Vermillion.[31] The ship contained a gallery that had a collection of artifacts, especially dark side and Sith artifacts, both collected by Lady Qi'ra and from Vos's old collection.[32][33][2] The organization had also managed to develop a web of sleeper agents in many organizations throughout the galaxy,[33] including the Empire, the Hutt Cartel,[13] Black Sun,[30] the Alliance to Restore the Republic, and the Tagge Corporation.[33]

Enter the Archivist[]

"Anything I have is at your disposal. I am the head of a powerful organization with many resources. […] Find Yoda for me, and I will ensure you can do anything you want. Study anything you like. Forever."
―Qi'ra, to Madelin Sun[34]

Qi'ra shows the Archivist Crimson Dawn's collection of artifacts.

Sometime after Qi'ra became the leader of Crimson Dawn, she sought after a woman who was then known as Madelin Sun. Sun was a former Sava, or teacher, at the University of Bar'leth and had devoted her life to studying the force, especially the dark side. However, Sun had lost her career after the rise of the Empire outlawed study of the Force and was forced to become a junk seller, which is when Qi'ra found her. Sun was being interrogated by three Imperial stormtroopers and having her hut searched by them. They discovered a dark side artifact that Sun had kept as a personal keepsake and confronted her about it, but before they could move to file a report, Qi'ra arrived and shot all three stormtroopers down, the artifact falling out of the commander's hand and shattering in the process. Qi'ra introduced herself and told Sun she was going to give her the opportunity to work for her. But first Qi'ra asked Sun, due to her expertise on the force, why knowledge of the force had disappeared from the galaxy. Sun explained the Empire's systematic oppression of any information surrounding the Force.[34]

Qi'ra then revealed to Sun that Emperor Palpatine was the Sith Lord Darth Sidious. Sun was distraught, realized that her life and her happiness were taken from her, to which Qi'ra told her to follow her into her ship so that she could make her an offer. Qi'ra showed Sun Crimson Dawn's collection of dark side artifacts when she arrived on the ship, artifacts that she told Sun she either inherited or found in dark corners of the galaxy that she knew to look in because of her mentor, alluding to Maul. Qi'ra told her that she wanted to bring down the Sith and set the galaxy free, and that she wanted her to be their expert on the dark side that they need in order to do so. Sun, who wanted to reclaim her former glory and truly live again, agreed. Qi'ra told Sun to attempt to find Jedi Grand Master Yoda in the hopes that they could recruit him to their cause, as the Jedi were the ancient enemy of the Sith. Qi'ra told Sun that if she found Yoda, she would make sure that Sun could do anything she wanted and study anything she wanted forever.[34]

Sun, who became known as the Archivist, learned that Qi'ra was in charge of Crimson Dawn and learned that the organization had agents everywhere. This allowed the Archivist to access all of the information she could possibly need because of the organization's connections. The Archivist continued to try and locate Yoda for Qi'ra and with the help of Crimson Dawn's resources eventually deduced that Yoda had left Coruscant the day the Empire fell on Senator Bail Organa's starship the Tantive III. Qi'ra pulled strings and had an Imperial officer that was also a Crimson Dawn sleeper agent allow the Archivist into the Accresker Jail Imperial Detention Facility to speak with the former pilot of the Tantive III, Jeremoch Colton. She spoke with the Imperial Officer Crimson Dawn agent and promised to tell Qi'ra, who she referred to as their mutual friend, that he had been a great help, the two saying 'await the dawn' before she entered the cell and met with Colton. When Colton denied that he knew anything about Yoda, the Archivist used a thought dowser, an artifact made by an ancient dark side cult known as The Ascendant that made artifacts which allowed non force-sensitives to utilize the powers of the dark side, to influence Colton's mind and get him to reveal that the location that Yoda went to was the Sluis sector.[34]

The Archivist traveled to the planet Dagobah in the Sluis system, and when she arrived was saved by someone using the force from a swamp monster and then led by that same person to a dark cave. She would never reveal what she saw in the cave, but when she exited the cave she was physically changed and felt enlightened. The Archivist learned that she had been saved and led to the cave by Yoda, and was moved by his empathy and desire to teach her instead of harm her, and inspired by the ideal of his connection to the light side of the Force. The Archivist returned to Crimson Dawn and met with Qi'ra aboard the Vermillion, but lied and told her that Yoda was dead, and she was sure of it.[34]

Enter the Knights of Ren[]

"But I can give you everything you want. Glory, safety from the Sith… You can carve out a little kingdom for your own, run it however you want. I don't care. But I need Force users, and you're the best I can access."
―Qi'ra, attempting to recruit the Knights of Ren[35]

Sometime later, Qi'ra and the Archivist traveled to the Mid Rim planet Varnak. There they met with the Knights of Ren, a group of masked Dark side utilizing warriors, and their leader, Ren. Qi'ra introduced herself to him and told him that she had heard he was powerful. When he asked why she was there, she told him it was because he led the Knights of Ren, with Ren responding that those who know that name know better than to come looking for them. Qi'ra told him that she had heard it from the Archivist, and that it was a name that was ancient and existed long before Ren was born. She said that she knew that they didn't want to have to hide and live off scraps and instead wanted to do what they wanted. She also asked him if he worried that he would wake up stabbed by a red lightsaber one day. Qi'ra told him that it was only a matter of time before the Sith came after them and that she and Crimson Dawn could offer them whatever they wanted, explaining that she needed the help of Force users for a job. Ren said that he was listening and asked what the job was, to which Qi'ra said that they were going to love it.[35]

Return of the Dawn[]

Preparations and preludes[]

"You, Jabba the Hutt, most exalted of all the Hutts, are invited to be present alongside representatives of the great galactic powers to witness the return of Crimson Dawn."
―Qi'ra, in her message to Jabba the Hutt[3]

Lady Qi'ra and the carbonite frozen Han Solo.

The time for the return of Crimson Dawn and the beginning of Lady Qi'ra's plan would come when she discovered that her former lover, Han Solo, had become important to the Alliance to Restore the Republic, the Empire, the Hutt Clan, and other major powers, and had been frozen in carbonite.[3] The bounty hunter Deva Lompop discovered Solo's location on the moon Nar Shaddaa while looking for the notorius bounty hunter Boba Fett at the request of Jabba the Hutt, who was concerned about Fett's delay in delivering Solo. She called it in to Crimson Dawn and told them that if they wanted Solo they needed to grab him before Jabba did.[21] Under the leadership of Margo and the direction of Qi'ra, Crimson Dawn agents[3] traveled to Nar Shaddaa and captured the carbonite block from Boba Fett via Doctor Ragon, who was fixing the carbonite matrix for Fett.[36] Solo remained alive as the agents transferred him to the Vermillion. Understanding that Crimson Dawn's return could therefore begin, Qi'ra sent out pre-recorded messages to many of the galaxy's powers, including Jabba the Hutt, the Hutt Council,[3] the Empire (via General Romodi)[37], Black Sun, the Pyke Syndicate,[8] the Sixth Kin,[38] Ebann Drake and his arms smuggling ring,[39] and General Vukorah of the Unbroken Clan.[40] Qi'ra also made sure the message ended up in the hands of a rebel agent named Amilyn Holdo, who delivered the message to the wider Rebellion,[41] including General Leia Organa.[18] These messages were invitations to an auction for the carbon-frozen Han Solo onboard the Vermillion on the planet Jekara.[3]

After Crimson Dawn seized Solo on Nar Shaddaa, a Crimson Dawn agent traveled to Deva Lompop on the planet to thank her and follow up. Lompop contacted Bib Fortuna under the guise of a follow up on her chasing after Fett, but was really trying to see if Jabba was now attempting to regain Solo by attending Crimson Dawn's auction. As Jabba was receiving his invitation to the auction from a Crimson Dawn messenger who hand delivered him the invitation and also verbally invited him to Crimson Dawn's event, Fortuna told Lompop she no longer needed to go to go after Fett and that Jabba was exploring other options, which confirmed that Jabba was going to the auction for Solo for her and the Crimson Dawn agent. The invitation made Jabba believe that Fett had sold Solo to Crimson Dawn. The agent told Lompop that Crimson Dawn owed her a debt, to which Lompop wondered if the organization could kill Jabba, but the agent told her that Lady Qi'ra wouldn't allow them to, at least for the time being.[21] Meanwhile, Doctor Chelli Lona Aphra and Sana Starros found Ebann Drake dead in his luxury cruiser with one of Crimson Dawn's invitations in his hands. Aphra revealed to his cousin Domina Tagge, the head of the Tagge Corporation, that Crimson Dawn was back. Tagge then instructed Aphra to go to the auction on Jekara in Drake's place, and report back to Tagge with as much information she could find on Crimson Dawn's operations and information on all the other syndicates there.[39]

Vader's vendetta[]
"So be it, Umbaran. Go to this auction; bid for Solo. Bring him to me and you will see if you get what you want."
―Darth Vader to Sub-Administrator Sly Moore[37]

Darth Vader and Sith assassin Ochi of Bestoon learned that Crimson Dawn had something to do with Boba Fett's loss of Solo after chasing down IG-88 and the Droid Crush Pirates of Bestoon who they were told were going after Solo by Bokku the Hutt, who was working for Vader. Vader was searching for Solo to use him to get to Luke Skywalker, who he wanted to kill because he was the only threat to his power and his place at Palpatine's side, and had come to believe that he could not overthrow the Emperor and rule with his son.[42] Afterwards, Vader sent Ochi to Arkanis to gather more information on Crimson Dawn. Ochi then burst into a local bar, before revealing his allegiance to Vader and asking the rest of the bar attendants if they could tell him about Crimson Dawn. After retrieving an invitation sent out by the crime syndicate from one of the bar patrons, Ochi returned to Bokku's lair with Vader and the two interrogated him about the invitation. Bokku revealed that Crimson Dawn was holding an auction for Han Solo and that Jabba would almost certainly be the one to purchase him. Vader then ordered Bokku that to bid against Jabba and humiliate himself. That way, Jabba would think less of him and not expect him to betray Jabba, to which Bokku agreed. As they took off in their shuttle, Vader mused that Bokku accepted betraying Jabba too easily and was already planning to betray him with the help of another group. Then Vader suddenly grabbed Ochi and dropped him out of the ship. Once Ochi landed on the ground, Vader ordered him to find out who else Bokku was working with.[43]

Darth Vader and Ochi fight Crimson Dawn assassins.

Later that night, near the lair of Bokku, Ochi tracked down and attacked a couple of Crimson Dawn assassins. But when Ochi went to interrogate the leader, but the leader declared that if he messed with Bokku, he messed with all of Crimson Dawn. Ochi suddenly found himself surrounded by tens of masked Crimson Dawn assassins. After eliminating a few of them, Ochi revealed his affiliation with Vader, to which the assassins merely laughed. When Ochi boasted about both his and Vader's power, one of the assassins picked up a handful of seeds and used them to demonstrate Crimson Dawn's numbers, and declare the impossible power that Crimson Dawn had when so many worked together. When the assassin offered Ochi a chance to join Crimson Dawn, Ochi warned them that his master was coming, but Vader merely parked his ship away from them on a nearby mountain. When the assassin offered Ochi a chance to join a second time, Ochi shot at them again and eventually eliminated the remaining assassins. Vader then arrived and met Ochi, who realized that Vader had already known that Bokku was working with Crimson Dawn and had only wished to test Ochi's loyalty. As more Crimson Dawn assassins began to surround them, Ochi assured Vader that he would serve him as long as he remained the most powerful, to which Vader affirmed that he would always be the most powerful. Ochi then joined Vader in eliminating the rest of the assassins.[43]

Later, Administrator Sly Moore told Vader that if he wanted to kill Skywalker he needed to get Solo from Crimson Dawn's auction. They agreed that she would represent the Empire at the auction so that the Emperor would not learn of Vader's plan to kill Skywalker.[37]

Bounty hunters[]
"No…they make you think they're gone. That's when they strike!"
―Lord Khamdek, on Crimson Dawn[24]

While Crimson Dawn made preparations, an arms smuggler named Devono Vix who was highly connected to the Hutts revealed to bounty hunters Beilert Valance and Dengar that Crimson Dawn had stolen Han Solo from Boba Fett and that they had returned. Valance did not believe this to be possible and thought he was lying until the assassin Deathstick killed Vex and shot at Valance and Dengar.[24] Deathstick was ordered by Qi'ra to persue Beilert Valance and Dengar and subsequently drive them to Jekara and the Vermillion, as it was important to her plan. Valance and Dengar retreated to the hideout of an elderly mechanic named Mamma Stammoch who knew the history of Crimson Dawn and explained it to them. However Valance and Dengar were ambushed by Deathstick at Mama Stommach's hideout, though they managed to escape on a hovercraft. Deathstick caught up to them, but was ordered by Qi'ra to not kill them.[44]

Crimson Dawn ambushes T'onga and Khamdek in the Fortress of the Mourner's Wail.

At around the same time, Crimson Dawn approached the Mourner's Wail Syndicate and ordered them to join them or be destroyed. When they refused, Crimson Dawn destroyed and ravaged the Fortress of the Mourner's Wail on Dotharian.[44] Bounty hunter T'onga and her wife Losha Tarkon later traveled to the fortress in the hopes of finding information on the location of a girl named Cadeliah, who was the heir of both the Mourner's Wail and Unbroken Clan syndicates and could put a stop to their war with each other. T'onga went in alone, and discovered Lord Khamdek, the leader of the Mourner's Wail, who urged her to run while she still could. She ignored his direction, and she, Khamdek, and his crew were ambushed by Crimson Dawn.[24] All of Khamdek's present crew was killed by Crimson Dawn, but Khamdek and T'onga managed to kill the rest of the agents with the help of Losha and survive the attack. T'onga then agreed to conspire with Khamdek to keep Cadeliah from Crimson Dawn.[44]

But Crimson Dawn would become one step closer to capturing Cadeliah when Deathstick arrived and attacked Dengar and Valance in the city Canto Bight on the planet Cantonica. When Valance was separated from the other two,[40] Dengar decided to make a deal with Deathstick. He would secretly get the location of Cadeliah from Valance and give it to her if she spared him. Deathstick agreed,[45] and gave him one of Qi'ra's messages so that they would head for Jekara.[40] The two did travel to Jekara, and confronted and defeated some Crimson Dawn soldiers when they arrived shortly before the auction would begin.[45]

Auction for Han Solo[]

"Captain Solo…is mine."
―Darth Vader, after arriving at Crimson Dawn's auction for Solo on Jekara[8]

Later, on Jekara, once all of the bidders had arrived, Qi'ra thanked the syndicates for coming as she introduced herself as the new leader of Crimson Dawn as well as officially announcing its return. She then revealed Solo to the crowd and started the bidding. After bids by many, including Lord Gyuti and Black Sun, the Pykes, Bokku, and Administrator Moore and the Empire, it soon ended when Jabba the Hutt bid one million credits.[8] With no other bids, Qi'ra congratulated Jabba and told him that the smuggler was his. However, the auction, and Jabba's retreival of Solo, was then interrupted by the arrival of Darth Vader. Guarded by two death troopers, Vader declared that Solo belonged to him.[8]

Qi'ra and Vader duel at Crimson Dawn's auction for Han Solo.

After Jabba agreed to give up Solo to the Empire, Qi'ra told Vader she would not interfere, but that Crimson Dawn still required the one million credits promised to it. When Vader told her she was owed nothing, Qi'ra asked him if the Empire was too poor or cheap to pay its debts. This provoked Vader into engaging in a sword fight with her, Vader using his lightsaber and Qi'ra using energy blades.[46] She intended to distract Vader so Rebel agents present at the auction had a chance to reclaim Solo, as she genuinely wanted them to wind up with Solo in the end.[41] Those agents included Leia Organa, as well as Lando Calrissian and Chewbacca, friends of Solo's who had dealt with Crimson Dawn in the past and had convinced Organa to take a less overt and more tactful approach to dealing with Crimson Dawn.[18] However, the three agents were instead caught in a battle with Boba Fett, who had arrived to reclaim Solo as well. During their duel, Vader recognized Qi'ra's fighting technique and asked her who had trained her, to which Qi'ra replied that it was someone who knew quite a bit about both Vader and his master, meaning the former leader of Crimson Dawn: Maul.[46]

Vader subdued Qi'ra by using the force, and prepared to kill her until he was distracted by the arrival of his son, Luke Skywalker,[46] who had been called to Jekara by Organa.[47] Qi'ra then conceded that Vader was going to take Solo and told Margo to plan accordingly.[46] Most of the guests departed after the fight, but notably Vukorah of the Unbroken Clan stayed, and was told by Margo that she would have entertainment.[45]

The Empire loaded Solo onto an Imperial shuttle and Boba Fett pursued them, but was stopped by Valance and Dengar as Qi'ra had planned.[32] After Valance abandoned Dengar for Boba Fett, Dengar provided Deathstick, and subsequently Crimson Dawn, with the location of Cadeliah, which he had discovered when Valance made a transmission to the girl.[45] Returning to the gallery later, Qi'ra explained to Margo that this both was and wasn't what she expected to happen. Though Vader's arrival hadn't been planned, the fact that Qi'ra fought him herself showed the galaxy that Crimson Dawn would not back down and would not obey the Empire. Qi'ra then told Margo to leave her as she still had many messages to send and 'strings to pull.'[32]

Criminals' conflict[]
"I've met one of Crimson Dawn's leaders. Qi'ra. She's a visionary…and Crimson Dawn is the future."
―Gallin Crae, to Ariole Yu[30]

Chelli Aphra and Sana Starros are apprehended by one of Crimson Dawn's A3L-N Sentinel droids.

Over the course of the auction, Chelli Aphra and Sana Starros would have a series of escapades due to Crimson Dawn. After the two stole a Data crystal necklace from a Black Sun agent who was secretly a spy for Crimson Dawn,[48] Aphra wanted to check out the Vermillion's vault in the hopes of finding more information on Crimson Dawn for Domina Tagge. But they were thwarted by[30] a modified A3L-N sentinel droid who was standing guard on the Vermillion.[31] Meanwhile, Just Lucky and Ariole Yu, had been sent by the Sixth Kin to kill a Sixth Kin traitor and their former teacher named Gallin Crae.[38] They found him[48] and fought him, and then he revealed that he was working for Crimson Dawn, and invited them to join the organization with him, but they refused. Then the assassin Deathstick stepped in, and incapacitated Lucky and Yu and forced them to surrender.[30] The two of them were sent to the Vermillion's brig, and put in a cell with Aphra and Starros.[31]

Lucky and Yu rejected another offer from Crae to join Crimson Dawn. Aphra and Lucky had history and formed an uneasy alliance. Lucky, Starros, and Yu pretended to be injured, coercing Crae into opening the cell door. Aphra then jumped onto one of the sentinel droids, hot-wired it, and used it to kill Crae, costing Crimson Dawn an asset. Aphra and the others then raided one of the Vermillion's armories, and returned to the gallery of artifacts to try and retrieve the data crystal necklace. There they encountered Qi'ra and Margo, who were securing the necklace in the vault. After they left, Aphra tried to get the necklace but was stopped by Deathstick.[31] The group managed to fend the assassin off, but were then attacked by a group of Crimson Dawn guards. But then Aphra noticed that there was an ancient piece of dark side tech from a cult known as The Ascendant in the gallery, called a Thought dowser, that had somehow fallen into the hands of Crimson Dawn. Aphra used the device to mind control Deathstick and the Crimson Dawn soldiers into stabbing themselves. Aphra was left incapacitated, but Starros managed to grab the data crystal necklace and take her to the hangar of the Vermillion, where their ship was, and after betraying Lucky and Yu, escaped Crimson Dawn. Aphra and Starros escaped,[33] but Lucky and Yu were left stranded. The two were approached in the hangar by Crae and Deathstick, who were both injured. Crae ordered the boys to lay down their weapons before they made it worse for themselves. In response to this Deathstick asked Crae if she was still not allowed to kill them, to which Qi'ra answered as she arrived that it wouldn't be necessary. Qi'ra introduced herself to Lucky and Yu, and told them that she knew of them from Crae talking about them, and from what he said had hoped they would have been 'better behaved.' She then invited the two inside for a talk.[49]

Sometime later, Aphra accessed the information on the data crystal necklace and discovered that Crimson Dawn had created a network of agents throughout all of the most powerful organizations in the galaxy.[33]

Attack at Dawn[]

"This was a good beginning. The Dawn has come. Now…the real work begins. Await the reign."
―Qi'ra to Crimson Dawn's followers after the success of her plan on Jekara[13]

Feeling insulted and embarrassed that the Empire had just been allowed to take Solo from the Hutts, Bokku of the Hutt Council ordered a retaliation, stealing the imperial shuttle that held Solo and capturing its crew. This caused a firefight between the Empire and the Hutts, causing the Hutts to lose Han again. But secretly, Bokku was working for Crimson Dawn, and after receiving an order from Crimson Dawn, ordered the Hutt Armada to attack the Imperial flagship with everything they had. An all out battle between the Hutts and the Empire ensued, the chaos playing directly into Crimson Dawn's hands.[13]

Qi'ra meets with the followers of Crimson Dawn.

On the Vermillion as the last remnants of the battle between the Hutt Council and the Empire came to a close, Vukorah, a general and leader of the Unbroken Clan, was brought into the room by Margo. Qi'ra noted the beauty in the demonstration of how the Hutts had shown the Empire's vulnerability and relished in her and Crimson Dawn's success. As their conversation continued, Qi'ra explained that Crimson Dawn would have to crush the syndicates that stood in their way. Qi'ra then told Vukorah she wanted her to lead by Crimson Dawn's side as the leader of the Unbroken Clan. Qi'ra then had Margo open a box[12] which contained a sacred dagger which would help Vukorah claim leadership of the Clan. Vukorah then pledged her allegiance to Crimson Dawn's cause.[50]

The Battle over Jekara came to a close when Darth Vader boarded the Hutt Council's ship and killed the entire council.[13] Before Vader killed Bokku, the Hutt revealed that he had joined Crimson Dawn, believing that lowly souls like himself could not win unless they stood together with others. But before he died, Bokku ordered his droid to blow up the ship, with the droid saying "It has been my pleasure to bring the dawn" before the explosion. But Vader survived, using the force to make a shell of metal around him, which protected him when he landed on Jekara.[51] The death of the Hutt Council lost Crimson Dawn an ally in Bokku, but it also caused immense strain between the Hutts and the Empire as they hoped, and created instability and chaos that Crimson Dawn would exploit.[13]

As part of Qi'ra's contingency plan to get back Solo from Boba Fett, Deva Lompop, a legendary bounty hunter now under direct employ of Crimson Dawn, hired human cyborg engineer RB-919 to find and rebuild the bounty hunter droid IG-88. RB-919 successfully rebuilt IG-88 and placed a chip within the droid that contained Lompop's directives and missions. However one of the directives was to kill those who were no longer needed, and so IG-88 killed RB-919. Now connected to Lompop directly, the Shani informed the droid that he was now under the employ of Crimson Dawn, and would follow Boba Fett's ship to Tatooine to recover Solo for Qi'ra. IG-88 found Fett's ship on Tatooine and entered it when he thought Fett was gone, but Fett returned and battled the droid, defeating hm before successfully traveling to Jabba's Palace. IG-88 was damaged in his fight with Boba Fett, and was thus freed from Lompop's and Crimson Dawn's influence.[52]

After Boba Fett had regained Solo and returned him to Jabba, Qi'ra gathered many individuals who were loyal to Crimson Dawn, including the Knights of Ren, Chanath Cha and the Orphans, the assassin Deathstick, Qi'ra's advisors Margo and Trinia, and the Archivist. She explained to her followers that the dawn had come and Crimson Dawn's real task would now begin, as they had successfully escalated tensions between the Empire and the Hutts and started chaos in the galaxy. She then told them to "Await the reign."[13]

Crimson reign[]


Vader's vendetta II[]
"A million stronger than one."
"A million stronger than one.
―Qi'ra and Ochi after he freed her[51]

Ochi and Qi'ra after he freed her from the Assassin's Guild.

Sometime after the Battle of Jekara, Vader returned to the Executor and spoke with Emperor Palpatine via hologram, redeclaring his devotion to the Emperor. Palpatine ordered Vader to root out Crimson Dawn from the many levels of the Empire that the organization had infiltrated, and show them the Empire's strength. General Ramodi later arrived with a legion of troops that the Emperor had allocated to fight Crimson Dawn. After Ochi suggested that they might need a more subtle approach, Vader ordered the assassin to go to the Assassin's Guild and tell them that they now served him. Qi'ra was apparently captured by three members of the Assassins Guild sometime after the events on Jekara and brought to the planet Saki. Ochi travelled to the planet to deliver the message from Vader to the members of the Guild there. When Ochi arrived, the three assassins disclosed their capture of Qi'ra and showed her to him, offering her as a gift to Vader. After Ochi confirmed with the assassins that no one outside of the people in the room knew of Qi'ra's imprisonment, he proceeded to kill them all, free Qi'ra, and redeclare his allegiance to Crimson Dawn.[51]

Corporations' conflict[]
"For seven years, I have given Tagge Corp. everything. Seven years of my life, my health, my overtime--everything! And I got nothing in return! At least Crimson Dawn cares about me!"
―Sira Folsomn to Domina Tagge on why she joined Crimson Dawn[49]

Due to her growing suspicions, Domina Tagge beginning to crack down on Crimson Dawn spies in the Tagge Corporation. For example, TaggeCo Assistant Packaging and Fulfillment Manger Sira Folsomn was brought in by Tagge's cousin Lapin for questioning after it was discovered that she was performing espionage and simultaneously employed to Crimson Dawn. After Lapin revealed to Folsomn that TaggeCo was aware of this, Tagge entered and ordered her to give Tagge the names of her handlers and her contacts, and Folsomn would then only be sent to face Imperial Justice instead of having her family bankrupted for generations. Folsomn yelled that she would not give more to TaggeCo, as she had already given everything to the company and gotten nothing in return, whereas she believed Crimson Dawn truly cared about her. Folsomn tried to stab Tagge, to which Tagge told her that if Crimson Dawn truly cared about her, they wouldn't have sent Folsomn to kill Tagge. Tagge disarmed Folsomn and then stabbed her with her own knife, before ordering Lapin to bring more spies in for questioning with the hope that they could retrieve some useful information before the board meeting that afternoon.[49]

Shortly before, Crimson Dawn hired Boushh and his crew for a job. They met with Margo, who offered them two hundred thousand credits if they killed Domina Tagge and the TaggeCo Executive Board, who were meeting on the company's flagship, the Acquisitor. Crimson Dawn wanted TaggeCo taken down because they supplied the Empire with ships and weapons and had exploited and stripped down planets and people. Margo believed that this made the job honorable for the group of Ubese. Crimson Dawn was alerted that the board would all be meeting in one place by Silas Tagge, the head of weapons development for the company. He wanted the rest of the board taken out because he felt that they looked down on him and limited his genius. However, Domina Tagge, using a Tagge protoblade, and her guards thwarted Boushh and his crew's attack. But Tagge made them a proposition: they worked for her and told her about her employer, and they would get three hundred thousand credits and she would help them return to Uba IV, where they were exiled from. Boushh agreed and told her about Crimson Dawn.[53]

At around this time, Doctor Chelli Aphra also provided Domina Tagge with the Data crystal necklace she recovered from the Black Sun Member/Crimson Dawn Operative on the Vermillion. This confirmed Tagge's suspicions that Crimson Dawn had infiltrated many major organizations, including Black Sun and many of TaggeCo's competitors. Tagge was also interested in Crimson Dawn's Ascendant thought dowser that Aphra had used on the Vermillion, and requested Aphra to bring her more Ascendant tech.[49]

"And I told you. I have no love for the Empire. I can be useful to the Alliance in many ways--and you need all the help you can get."
―Qi'ra to Leia Organa, on how Crimson Dawn can be useful to the Rebellion[41]

Sometime after her capture by the assassins guild, Lady Qi'ra visited Leia Organa on the Millennium Falcon. She explained to Organa that she had hoped that Han would be returned to the Rebellion, and her contingency plan to retrieve Solo again was most likely for that purpose. She also revealed Solo was still alive and had been sold to Jabba the Hutt, and offered Crimson Dawn's resources and help when Organa moved to get him back. She also told Organa that she and Crimson Dawn could be useful to the Rebellion, if they ever wanted their support.[41]

Reveal of the goal[]

"Very few people understand the true nature of the galaxy. That it is a prison, and all its inhabitants are prisoners and the reason for that—the reason is one word. It is the name of our fear. It is the name of our chains. That word is Sith."
―Qi'ra, to a group of devotees on her plans to free the galaxy[29]

Qi'ra explains her philosophy to a group of Crimson Dawn loyalists.

Qi'ra gathered back up the same group of Crimson Dawn devotees she had after Jekara, but now they were joined by Ochi of Bestoon. At this meeting she declared that everyone in the galaxy were 'prisoners' because of the Sith. She expressed her ideology that the galaxy should be organized as a series of 'peaks' with equal opportunity to succeed, an ideology she hoped Crimson Dawn could bring to reality. But she said that under the Sith, specifically the Empire, the power structure of the galaxy was like a pyramid, with everyone trying to climb to the top of it, and only one truly free man on top: the Emperor. She revealed her main goal which was to kill Lord Sidious and Darth Vader. She elaborated that Maul had planned to do just that when he was the ruler of Crimson Dawn, but had died before he could see it through. She declared that she would use the knowledge she gained from him, Crimson Dawn, and all of those present to free the galaxy.[29]

The Syndicate War[]

The Dawn approaches the Sun[]
"But if everyone uses us, and comes to need us, then no one will destroy us. We believe Crimson Dawn can be essential."
―Qi'ra, to Lord Gyuti of Black Sun[29]

Qi'ra, Margo, and Trinia have meetings with Lord Gyuti, the Pyke Syndicate, and Toren, respectively.

Qi'ra traveled to the Black Sun frigate Darkpath to meet with Lord Gyuti, one of the leaders of Black Sun, on behalf of Crimson Dawn. Qi'ra noted that Gyuti brought his guards, and asked if Crimson Dawn's reputation was really that terrible. Gyuti told her that Crimson Dawn's reputation was deserved, but that that's what made them useful. Over a drink, Qi'ra told Gyuti that Crimson Dawn had no desire for Black Sun's territory, business, contacts, or wealth, and that the organizations were not in competition. She believed that War would be wasteful, and that there was plenty of room in the galaxy for Crimson Dawn and Black sun to leave each other be. She told him that Crimson Dawn wished to remain small, and wanted to offer important services to the larger syndicates. Crimson Dawn had contacts they could only dream of, and offered to help with finding secrets out or having discreet deaths. She said that the arrangement would not be exclusive, and that they would work for anyone who could afford them, but with complete confidentially, discretion, and neutrality. Qi'ra expressed her hope that if everyone used Crimson Dawn, then no one would destroy them because they would be essential.[29]

Qi'ra then offered up a valuable piece of information to Gyuti. She said that the Emperor was furious at the Hutts' betrayal and was now searching for a new partner that could take up the role the Hutts had which was providing services for the Empire outside the bounds of Imperial Law, in exchange for a protected status. Qi'ra said that Crimson Dawn had no interest in the partnership, but that it could be a quite an opportunity for organizations the size of Black Sun. She told Gyuti to pass the message along to Prince Xizor, and to remember Crimson Dawn when the credits started rolling in. However, Margo had gone to Oba Diah and spoken to a Pyke Syndicate leader, passing on almost exactly the same message. As did Trinia, who went to Castell and spoke with Papa Toren, delivering the same message about the Empire searching for a new partner.[29]

The Orphans[]
"The Orphans continued their work, sowing havoc among the syndicates. Never allowing themselves to be seen, leaving few survivors…creating an atmosphere of dread and distrust. None of the syndicates knew who to blame, so they blamed each other, their suspicions stoked by the whispers of Crimson Dawn."
―The Archivist, on the beginning of the Syndicate War[29]

The Syndicate War begins.

Later, Chanath Cha and the Orphans were sent on a mission by Crimson Dawn to help perform one of the first major steps of Qi'ra's plan. They were sent to destroy a Black Sun Smash-processing lab on the planet Dantooine. They destroyed the lab, and left no survivors, leaving no clues that could trace the attack back to Crimson Dawn. They almost allowed two transports to escape, but Imara Vex shot one down with a special projectile, and Sear blew up the other one with the Orphans' ship, the Siroto. The Orphans took pictures of the destruction and uploaded them to the Shadowfeeds with the caption 'Black Sun is in Eclipse.' Unclear which syndicate destroyed the lab, as none claimed responsibility, Lord Gyuti declared that it could have been any of them and decided to hit them all.[29]

Afterwards, The Orphans continued with more destructive missions on behalf of Crimson Dawn. They destroyed ships and facilities and left little to no survivors. This created an atmosphere of dread and distrust among the syndicates. None of them knew who to blame, so they blamed each other, with their fighting encouraged by double agents of Crimson Dawn. This tension was exacerbated by Crimson Dawn's story that the Empire was ending their deal with the Hutts and wanted the strongest syndicate to take their place. This all lead to the syndicates fighting each other, destroying each other's resources and capital, and plunging criminal activity in the galaxy into disorder, thus beginning the Syndicate War. This war displeased Emperor Palpatine, and moved him to action.[29]

Rising plans[]

The Knights of Ren plan to break into Fortress Vader.

"War is a scream. Crimson Dawn is a well-placed whisper."
―Trinia, on Crimson Dawn's perceived avoidance of the Syndicate War[54]

Qi'ra was pleased with what the Orphans had accomplished and told Trinia to pass word to them that they had done their part for the time being and could lay low. Qi'ra also told her advisors to reach out to Leia Organa for a meeting, and declared that the rebels would be a part of her plan even if they didn't want to be and even if they didn't realize it. The Archivist was made a general advisor on the force and the Sith, and was given the task to search for members of a fallen enemy of the Sith: the Jedi. Qi'ra believed that they might be powerful allies, or perfect bait. She once again looked into Yoda in Crimson Dawn's archives, calling him a friend.[29]

The Archivist also sent archeologist and dark side fanatic Kho Phon Farrus to find the Spark Eternal, a piece of technology created by the dark side cult known as the Ascendant, who created artifacts that could allow non force-sensitives to utilize the dark side. Farrus searched the galaxy and the underworld for Ascendant technology in the hopes of finding the Spark Eternal, pledging to the Archivist that they would find it. The Archivist told them that if they found the Spark Eternal that they would secure their place in history, and also told Farrus that Crimson Dawn eagerly awaits them.[55]

A rebel alliance[]
"You may have heard that the syndicates are at war. […] Others can make enemies if they wish. I prefer to make friends."
"That's not it at all. You just want the rebels to be able to keep fighting. You want the war to go on as long as it can. A strong alliance is good for business."
"More than one thing can be true, Leia.
―Qi'ra and Leia on the Rebellion and Crimson Dawn's relationship[56]

The Vermillion and the Home One rendezvous.

Qi'ra did end up having a meeting with Leia Organa as she had hoped. Qi'ra brought the Vermillion to the Home One, the Headquarters Frigate of the Rebel Alliance, which was their meeting place. Qi'ra stepped out of her shuttle and was greeted by C-3PO, who welcomed her on behalf of the Rebellion. Organa expressed confusion as to the reason for the meeting, to which Qi'ra announced that she had brought gifts. Organa also expressed her surprise that Qi'ra showed up, wondering why she wasn't worried that the Rebellion would detain her. Qi'ra told her that she was not at the Rebellion's mercy for all she knew all of the Rebellion guards could be agents of Crimson Dawn. Qi'ra then revealed that one of her gifts was the location of the last Rebel Fleet division. When Organa insisted that there was more than one left, Qi'ra explained that Crimson Dawn had many agents in the Empire who confirmed that it was the last one that hadn't been hunted down by Imperial Commander Ellian Zahra. Organa then asked Qi'ra why she was telling them all this and what she wanted from them. Qi'ra said that the other syndicates were at war and making enemies, she preferred to make friends. But Organa refuted this, saying that she was really only doing it for Crimson Dawn's business interests, as a strong Rebellion and an extended war would be good for their business. Qi'ra said that both were true. Organa then agreed to take Qi'ra and Crimson Dawn's help but warned that if she betrayed them they would learn the might of the Rebel Alliance. Qi'ra told her that they would not betray them and that she had many friends in the fleet.[56]

But Qi'ra had one more gift: the location of Commander Zahra and her entire hunter squad and the means to be able to destroy them. Qi'ra had a Crimson Dawn operative within the Empire who could make sure that Commander Zahra would be exactly where the Rebellion wanted her and could thus destroy her. Organa agreed to this offer too, but told Qi'ra that she did not believe that she wanted nothing in return. Qi'ra explained that she was aware that the Rebellion was sourcing through the syndicates, and since the syndicates were at war, she had hoped Crimson Dawn could take over the operations. Qi'ra said that Crimson Dawn could get them anything they needed at reasonable prices. Organa agreed to this, and told Qi'ra to coordinate specifics with Rebellion Captain Amilyn Holdo. After Qi'ra left, Organa revealed to Holdo that she did not trust Crimson Dawn or Qi'ra at all, but did admit that it made sense for the organization to make this decision because it would be good for their business. Organa also told Holdo to monitor Crimson Dawn's activities as she figured out supply line deals with the organization.[56]

Vader's vengeance[]
"Crimson Dawn is a symptom. I will destroy the disease."
―Darth Vader[57]

On the planet Vincorba in the Expansion Region, the pontiff of the planet chose to ally with Crimson Dawn in the hopes of gaining riches and power. The pontiff and their brother traveled through the crowd as Crimson Dawn soldiers demanded tributes from Vincorba's citizens. They believed that Crimson Dawn's guards would assure their safety and survival, but they were mistaken. Three member's of the assassin's guild that were hired by Darth Vader attacked the pontiff's convoy, and successfully broke through the pontiff's protective sphere and assassinated them, with the pontiff believing that Crimson Dawn made their safety assured even until their death. The three assassins were Chilla Zin, Gee-Ninety, and Loriach, who were surprised that a hit against Crimson Dawn was so easy. However, Vader used his lightsaber to disable their speeder and make it fall out of the sky, before Ochi revealed to them that the assassination was just a test and Vader informed them that they would now serve him and help in his quest against Crimson Dawn, or they would die.[58]

Shortly after, Chief Regional Auditor in the Empire, Cygnus Anton, who had also become associated with Crimson Dawn, visited the planet Calior, accompanied by stormtroopers and Crimson Dawn guards. They declared that the local southern water works was now Imperial property and demanded for a monthly tribute of five thousand credits if the residents wished to have continued access. However, Anton and their guards were attacked by a group known as the Revengers, consisting of Ankala Sahm, S'ira, and Tanka, who made a living of pursuing Crimson Dawn after it had destroyed their homes. Anton had deliberately arrived with his Crimson Dawn soldiers to draw the group out and kill them. After the guards and troopers had been defeated, Anton revealed that they had been a hologram, and had really remained aboard one of two nearby All Terrain Scout Transports. But as the walker fired upon the Revengers, the other was brought down by Ochi and the group of assassins. Vader arrived in his TIE Advanced and shot down and destroyed the walkers, killing all inside them. Later, the groups had a cookout, where the Revengers revealed that Crimson Dawn had destroyed S'ira's village two months earlier and Sahm's and Tanka's a couple weeks after. They declared that they went after Crimson Dawn for free, and wherever the organization showed up, they showed up.[58]

At around this time, Sabé, former handmaiden of the late Naboo Queen and Senator Padmé Amidala, traveled to Polis Massa after joining Crimson Dawn. She was searching for Vader,[58] and had joined Crimson Dawn knowing that he was going after the organization, thus thinking that the best way to find him was to join them. Sabé expressed this to a Forensics droid named ZED-6-7, who she discovered on the asteroid and rebuilt. After the droid revealed to the former handmaiden that Padmé had a child with Anakin Skywalker, and revealed the child was Luke Skywalker, the rebel hero who blew up the Death Star, Sabé expressed that she had joined Crimson Dawn to kill Vader, but she could possibly use the Sith Lord instead.[9]

During this time, Vader captured and rebuilt the cyborg Valance and forced the bounty hunter to serve him. The Sith Lord ordered him to help him on his mission to root out Crimson Dawn from the Empire and take the organization down, putting him in charge of Dark Squadron and under the command of Ochi. Ochi sent Valance and Dark Squadron after Tarl Sokoli, an old Imperial war hero who they told Valance was recruited by Crimson Dawn,[59] though in reality they had found nothing tying Sokoli to the organization. On the mission, Valance crashed his TIE Defender into the bridge of Sokoli's ship, confronting and killing the Admiral on the cruiser. But Vader had just been testing Valance, as the cyborg had a past connection with Sokoli, and killing him would prove he was ready to serve the Empire on their quest to take down Crimson Dawn.[60]

Vader traveled with Valance, Ochi, the Revengers, and the three assassins to the planet Laecor to investigate a Crimson Dawn attack on the planet. Ochi introduced the group to a group of stormtroopers stationed on the planet, with them then explaining how the locals were attacked and brutalized because they didn't make a tribute to Crimson Dawn. The villagers exclaimed that the stormtroopers didn't help them against the organization's attack, with the troopers explaining that it was because the people were Jedi sympathizers. This grew into an altercation between the troopers and the locals, with the troopers shooting their blasters at them when they refused to leave the square. But Vader jumped down and blocked the bolts with his lightsaber and killing the stormtroopers in one fell swoop. Ochi commented that he thought they were supposed to be going after Crimson Dawn, with Vader replying that the stormtroopers were Crimson Dawn. Tanka declared that if they ignored Crimson Dawn, then they were Crimson Dawn, which Ochi didn't quite agree with.[57]

Darth Vader, Valance, and Ochi uncover a list of Crimson Dawn operatives at a secret base.

Ochi discovered a Crimson Dawn holo-communicator among the dead stormtroopers, proving that they were actually Crimson Dawn members. Ochi discovered on the holo-communicator that there was a secret Crimson Dawn base in the foothills of the planet. Ochi ordered Valance to take the Revengers to the base to scout it out and report back, killing every Crimson Dawn member along the way. But Valance recognized that he and the Revengers were really just being used as bait. But the group pressed on, confronting a group of Crimson Dawn soldiers in a field towards the base. When the group still could not find the location of the base, Vader used the force to throw Ochi down to where the Crimson Dawn soldiers were to add more bait. It worked, and Loriach discovered the exact location of the Crimson Dawn base. Ochi wanted to just bomb the place and get out of there, but Vader said no. Vader then rode G-90 down to the field and killed all of the Crimson Dawn soldiers himself. Vader then broke into the base. Ochi attempted to bomb it, but Vader pushed his explosive away with the force. When Ochi declared that he thought the point was to rub out Crimson Dawn, Vader retorted by saying that Crimson Dawn was just a symptom, and that he would destroy the 'disease.' He accessed the computers in the base and retrieved a list of members of Crimson Dawn, learning that they were in every corner of Imperial bureaucracy, all the way to the top. But Vader did not care, and resolved to destroy them all.[57]

However, the list was a plant, placed there by Crimson Dawn agent Sabé, who managed to escape the base before Vader or Ochi could reach her and Ochi's explosive went off. About half the people on the list were real members of Crimson Dawn, but the other half were loyal Imperials. After escaping, Sabé rendezvoused with ZED-6-7 outside of the base. Vader departed from Laecor in an Imperial shuttle, and ZED-6-7 managed to access the shuttle's system, discovering that Vader was heading to Coruscant, which proved to Sabé that Vader fell for her fake list. Aboard the shuttle, Ochi split the group up and sent them after different targets from the list that they believed were Crimson Dawn members, ordered a coordinated purge of all of them. When Valance asked Ochi why they were trusting the list, Ochi explained that his Assassin's Guild contacts had confirmed that at least half the people on the list were Crimson Dawn.[9]

With the others' missions underway, Vader and Ochi went to the Imperial throne room in the Imperial Palace, where Vader executed a number of the Emperor's advisers and Royal Guards who he believed to be affiliated with Crimson Dawn due to the false list, and did so in front of the Emperor himself. Afterwards, Sidious revealed to Vader that only one of the individuals he had killed was affiliated with Crimson Dawn, and that the list he had discovered was flawed. At the same time, the Revengers were sent along with G-90 and Valance to kill Baron Espis Zanchal. They arrived and accused him of being Crimson Dawn, which he staunchly denied. He attempted to prove that he wasn't by showing them that everything was above board by showing them that the only thing hidden was a domesticated Narglatch guarding hidden captives, nothing related to Crimson Dawn. But Ankala Sahm said that she didn't care about that and killed the Baron and freed the prisoners. After the Baron's death, G-90 searched the estate's records and discovered that he truly had not been a collaborator with Crimson Dawn. Whilst the other two missions were taking place, the two other assassins of Vader's crew traveled to the Executor, where they killed a number of stormtroopers and Imperial officers who were suspected Crimson Dawn collaborators but spared the life of General Hurst Romodi as he had not been on the list. In fact, Romodi had just expressed to one of the officers that was killed that he thought Vader was doing his job by killing Imperial advisors that he believed to be Crimson Dawn.[9]

Following the purging, Vader informed Ochi that the list had been planted by someone and was not a true list of Crimson Dawn collaborators, as only half of the people were true collaborators. He explained that he had begun to realize that this was the case when Ochi said that he could only confirm that half the names were Crimson Dawn. He told the assassin to find out what connected the individuals on the list as it could lead them to who had planted it, and then they could discover why they did so.[9]

Unbroken Clan overthrown[]
"Send a transmission to Lady Qi'ra. Tell her the Unbroken Clan is in the fold. And tell her…'We await the Dawn.'"
―Grand Leader Vukorah, to one of her guards[50]

Around this time, General Vukorah, a General of the Unbroken Clan and and agent of Crimson Dawn, traveled to the Unbroken Clan Palace on Corellia. She stormed in to speak with the Grand Leader of the Clan, intending to take over the organization in the name of Crimson Dawn. She expressed to the Grand Leader that she had to be the one who was running the Clan while he mourned the death of his daughter, who Vukorah called a traitor. Vukorah said that she was more of a daughter to him than else, but he refuted that, saying she was just a street rat. Then, Vukorah revealed the sacred dagger that Qi'ra had given her that she had been told would help her take over the Unbroken Clan. The Grand Leader started to say that only someone with the right blood was meant to wield the dagger, but before he could Vukorah stabbed him with it. In his dying moments, Vukorah revealed to the Grand Leader that he had a granddaughter named Cadeliah, who she said would soon die once Crimson Dawn got a hold of her. Vukorah declared herself Grand Leader and then had a transmission sent to Qi'ra declaring that the Unbroken Clan was now loyal to Crimson Dawn, and telling her that they awaited the Dawn.[50]


"But sometimes, deception would not do. Sometimes, she needed the truth no one can deny. The truth that waits for us all. Death. And when you wish to communicate through the medium of death, you need a particular type of messenger. You need...assassins."
―The Archivist, on Qi'ra and her tactics, in a message from an unusual holocron[54]

The assassination of the Emperor's Royal Guard.

Qi'ra and Crimson Dawn also had plans for the assassins, Ochi and Deathstick. The two met with Qi'ra, Margo, and Trinia in individual meetings where they were given their assignments. Qi'ra had sent Ochi to kill a target in the Imperial Palace. Qi'ra told Trinia and Margo that Ochi was motivated to help Crimson Dawn by fear of the Emperor, as he had seen his true power on the Sith planet Exegol. Ochi traveled to Coruscant level 2685 to meet a merchant named Zlarb who he bought many special poisons with extremely precise timing, including Ziroxin-12, Cyanoxis D-570, and Yurfloo, and put it on Crimson Dawn's tab. He then used an ASN-909 droid, given to him by Qi'ra, to secretly and undetectably administer poison into the morning stew of nine members of the Emperor's Royal Guard. Ochi then later administered poison to one of the guards that was meant to be with the others but wasn't—a man named Major Erstin Deez—by grazing him with a poison laced bullet. Then later, when the Emperor returned to his throne room on Coruscant, the ten guards present were afflicted by the poison and dropped dead right in front of Palpatine and Grand Vizier Mas Amedda's very eyes.[54]

Meanwhile, Qi'ra sent Deathstick to capture Cadeliah, the girl who was the heir of both the Mourner's Wail and Unbroken Clan and could unite them, threatening Crimson Dawn's carefully crafted disorder. Deathstick was convinced to help Crimson Dawn in their plan against the Sith by revealing to her that Emperor Palpatine was behind the genocide of her people, the Nightsisters of Dathomir. Deathstick traveled to the planet Panisia where she was told Cadeliah was being sheltered by a small group of Rebel Alliance fighters. But when Deathstick arrived, she discovered a very large rebel encampment, as it was an entire division of the Rebel fleeet. Deathstick reported the encampment to an Imperial Anti-Terrorism Watchline. When the Star Destroyer Tarkin's Will arrived and the base was attacked, Deathstick used the chaos to capture Cadeliah. Deathstick brought Cadeliah to Qi'ra, who told the girl that they were going to be good friends.[54] But a group of bounty hunters led by T'onga managed to intercept one of Deathstick's transmissions due to the help of the droid 4-LOM, and had heard about Crimson Dawn moving to capture Cadeliah. Unbeknownst to Crimson Dawn or Deathstick, the group of bounty hunters made a plan to rescue Cadeliah from Crimson Dawn. When the communications tapping was brought to Deathsick's attention by a Crimson Dawn agent who also revealed its source was a group of bounty hunters, Deathstick told the agent to get her Dengar—who now served Crimson Dawn—to deal with the threat, and thus a transmission to Dengar was sent.[50]

Now in the custody of Crimson Dawn, Cadeliah found herself welcomed by Qi'ra to an extravagant dinner at an undisclosed Secret Crimson Dawn Base with her and others. Cadeliah refused to eat, but Qi'ra insisted that she did so, saying that life was too short to not have a fine meal. Cadeliah then sprinted on top of the table to the head of it where Qi'ra was sitting and attempted to stab her with the dinner knives, but the girl was easily thwarted by Vicrul, a member of the Knights of Ren under Crimson Dawn's command. Qi'ra reminded the girl that as the heir of both the Unbroken Clan and Mourner's Wail syndicates, she could be considered a threat to Crimson Dawn and thus her death would be convenient. Qi'ra advised Cadeliah to savor every bit of the meal as if it was her last. Qi'ra had Vicrul release Cadeliah and return her to her seat, telling him that she was smart to have survived on the run with Nakano Lash and would therefore know not to do anything stupid. As Qi'ra recommended the Caamasi cheese pies to her, Cadeliah sat down and began to eat.[61]

Bounty hunting[]
"Crimson Dawn wants that band of degenerate bounty hunters stopped before they become a real pain."
―Dengar to Syphacc, on T'onga's crew[62]

Meanwhile, bounty hunter T'onga was contacted by a bounty dealer named Syphacc, who was an old friend of hers. Syphacc revealed to her that he knew that she and her group of bounty hunters were planning to go up against Crimson Dawn, which he believed to be unsteady ground. He told her that they didn't stand a chance without his help because it was too dangerous. He then offered to be brought in on the mission, but she denied and ended the communication. However, Syphacc had really contacted her at the behest of Crimson Dawn agent and bounty hunter Dengar. Dengar pointed a blaster at Syphacc after he failed to get information out of T'onga, saying that Crimson Dawn wanted her group of bounty hunters stopped before they became a larger problem for them. Syphacc insisted that he would get the information, as T'onga didn't have many places to turn and thus would eventually be back.[62]

T'onga turned to Lady Proxima, the Grindalid leader of the White Worms criminal organization. The White Worms had become disrupted and bothered by Vukorah and the Unbroken Clan after they sided with Crimson Dawn. Vukorah was also bad for Proxima's profit, but Proxima had never been able to take her out despite multiple attempts because of her extensive security detail. Proxima listed the facets of this security to T'onga, who crafted a plan to kidnap Vukorah. Bossk and Tasu Leech, both members of T'onga's crew, pretended to be Unbroken Clan members and brought in T'onga as a 'prisoner.' T'onga commented to her that it showed how far the Unbroken Clan had fallen that she was leading instead of the rightful heir. Vukorah punched T'onga and declared that she knew too much for Crimson Dawn to let her live, even though she had planned to kill her anyway. They tried to lure Vukorah into a transport manned by Zuckuss, another member of the crew, but she saw through it and avoided it. This led to a hand-to-hand fight between T'onga and Vukorah that ultimately ended in the former's victory when she used sarlacc venom to subdue Vukorah. But before they could get extracted, they were ambushed by a mob of Unbroken Clan members.[62] Because of this, their chances seemed hopeless, so Zuckuss suggested that they give the goons what they wanted: Vukorah. But T'onga refused, saying that they needed her to find where Crimson Dawn was keeping Cadeliah because they had no idea what unspeakable horrors were being committed to the girl by the organization. Eventually, T'onga's crew managed to escape the attack by the Unbroken Clan with Vukorah as a prisoner aboard the Edgehawk, but when they woke her up to torture her, she warned that T'onga and the crew had made a mistake and just doomed themselves and Cadeliah.[61]

Meanwhile, Dengar, working for Crimson Dawn, broke his way into a Mourner's Wail Safe House in the Undercity of Milvayne City on the planet Milvayne. Dengar told a member of the syndicate to tell Lord Khamdek to meet with him or his granddaughter Cadeliah would die.[61]

The Knights' heist[]

"Palpatine will get around to us eventually. Either we keep running or we strike first, and working with Qi'ra is our best chance."
―Ren, on why he decided to work with Crimson Dawn[35]

The next major step of Qi'ra and Crimson Dawn's plan was to send the Knights of Ren were to perform a heist on Fortress Vader[54] to retrieve the Screaming Key from it for Qi'ra. Sometime after the assassination of the Emporer's royal guard, Ren gathered the Knights and revealed this plan to them on the Night Buzzard. The Knights of Ren were hesitant to take on this task, but their leader, Ren, convinced them by telling them that it was only a matter of time before the Sith came after them, and that by working with Qi'ra and Crimson Dawn they had the chance to strike first. He told them that she had a plan, resources, and managed to get them a full layout of the Fortress and a comprehensive rundown on its security. To quell the others' fears about running into Vader, Ren assured them that Qi'ra had received word from an Imperial contact that Vader would not be at the fortress as he was busy investigating the murder of Palpatine's royal guards, something that he remarked that he wouldn't be surprised if Qi'ra was behind. Qi'ra also told them that they could take whatever else they wanted to from the Fortress, but would not tell them what the Screaming Key unlocked, only that it was central to her whole plan.[35]

The Knights landed on Mustafar on the Gahenn Plains and then rode their bikes to an old secret entrance of the Fortress guarded by lava. The group used the Force to move the lava and enter the castle before navigating throughout it in search of its vault. However, they were spotted by the castle's caretaker, Vaneé, who called in a group of Lava Troopers to fight the Knights. The Knights managed to fight off the troopers before they reached the vault, where Ren used the force to locate the key. However then Vader arrived and attacked the Knights, even killing Fyodor. Ren and Vader engaged in lightsaber combat until Ren managed to escape by jumping out of the window and cushioning his landing with the Force. Vader attempted to take the Screaming Key back from Ren using the Force, but could not do it while facing all of the Knights. After they managed to escape, the Knights realized that they were really fully committed to Crimson Dawn and Qi'ra after their expierience and were most likely higher up on the Emperor's target list.[35]

Vader's vengeance II[]
"Sabé. Royal handmaiden. Leader of the Amidalans. [...] You wanted to kill me, but then you thought you could use me. Listen to me carefully. I will now use you. Because I am the Dawn."
―Darth Vader, to Sabé[63]

Around this time, Ochi went to meet Sub-Administrator Sly Moore—who like Ochi was also affiliated with Crimson Dawn—and accused her of planting the list of Crimson Dawn agents that Vader had recovered. After Moore's denial of planting the list, ZED-6-7 and Sabé arrived and held the pair at blasterpoint as she threatened to reveal the pair's own secret allegiance to Crimson Dawn to Vader if they did not do as she said.[9] Ochi fired his own blaster at Sabé and attempted to escape, but she had ZED-6-7 electrocute Ochi and Moore, bringing them to their knees. When Ochi asked who she was, Sabé told them that she was Crimson Dawn just like them, but was fighting Ochi and Moore so that they would know who was in charge. Sabé revealed that she had planted the list, to which Ochi wondered why she would give up named of real Crimson Dawn members if she too was part of the organization. ZED-6-7 justified it by saying that every organization needs to be cleaned up every once and a while and that they should be grateful their names were left off. Sabé then asked them what Vader wanted, to which they said that if she was trying to kill Vader, she was doomed. Ochi told Sabé that Vader wanted to find her, and that he knew the list was a plant and was looking for who put it together. When Sabé clarified she was asking what drove the Sith Lord, Moore explained that he wanted the power to bring order. Sabé declared that they would then use him to bring chaos. Ochi marveled at the fact that this was the reason that the two had joined Crimson Dawn and said that he joined to survive, because a million is stronger than one. When Ochi pointed out that there were only four of them, Sabé said that they could enlist the power of thousands if they turned them on each other.[63]

Later, General Romodi of the Empire released the bodies of soldiers who were killed in the purge against Crimson Dawn collaborators. Romodi expressed to an Imperial officer attending him that he believed that they were good soldiers and deserved better, which Ochi heard and said sounded like treason. But Romodi denied this, and instead revealed that a report had shown that none of the assassinated soldiers had any affiliation with Crimson Dawn. Ochi suggested that this was just because Crimson Dawn was a secret organization that kept things secret, but Romodi insisted, showing Ochi a data pad with information about the soldiers. But Ochi reiterated that if Vader said they were Crimson Dawn, then they were Crimson Dawn.[63]

Ochi later approached Vader in his chambers on the Executor, telling him that Romodi's soldiers were not Crimson Dawn and telling him that what connected those soldiers was that they all took part in a mission against a group called the Amidalans on Naboo. This sparked a plan for a mission with the Revengers and the assassins to Tranchar in the Outer Rim to find a woman named Lieutenant Grapa, who was on the list and present for the massacre against the Amidalans, hoping that she could lead them to what tied the people on the list together. Beforehand however, Valance warned the revengers that Vader would betray them, but they said that the right people died when Vader acted and they had gotten to kill more Crimson Dawners than they could have ever dreamed of on their path of revenge for what Crimson Dawn had done to them, so they declared that as long as he was hunting the Dawn, they would hunt with him. During the mission to Tranchar, the group was attacked by a legion of Imperial Sentry droids. When Vader discovered that they were from Romodi's command, meaning that Romodi had been warned they were coming, Vader put together that Ochi had been the one to tell him and was therefore part of Crimson Dawn.[63]

Ochi fled the planet in his ship and traveled to Naboo to meet with Sabé in order to ask her for help. Ochi told her that no one could have followed him, but it turned out Vader had in his TIE Advanced and landed in front of Ochi. Ochi tried to protest, but Vader told him to silence, before asking him if he thought he could have joined Crimson Dawn without his knowledge. Vader told Ochi that he had done well in leading him to Crimson Dawn's lair, to which Ochi added untruthfully that that was the plan all along. Vader then came face to face with Sabé. He told her that she had tried to kill him and tried to use him, but now he would use her. Vader took her Crimson Dawn pin with the Force and declared that he was the Dawn.[63]

Late Imperial Era[]

Near the end of the Empire's reign across the galaxy, archeologist Dr. Chelli Lona Aphra noted in the Smuggler's Guide that Crimson Dawn and the Crymorah syndicate were losing ground while the Hutts and the Pykes were consolidating assets. Aphra theorized that this was because the hidden treasures indicated in the Smuggler's Guide that had been claimed by that time seemed to have benefited the syndicates in the Eastern Rim, such as said Hutts and Pykes, thus destabilizing the underworld balance of power.[6]


"This is the story of the fall of Crimson Dawn. This story is a tragedy."
―The Archivist, from a projection of her stored in an unusual holocron[29]

The Archivist, speaking from an unusual holocron.

Some unknown time after the return of Crimson Dawn to the galaxy, an unusual holocron was opened that contained a projection or recording of the Archivist. She told the opener of the holocron the story of the rise of Qi'ra and Crimson Dawn, but also told them that the story of Crimson Dawn was a tragedy, and that her story was about its fall.[29]

In the years following the formation of the Galactic Senate of the New Republic in 4 ABY[64] criminal organizations that evolved from Crimson Dawn held substantial power. Although the New Republic Senate formed the Sector Rangers to combat such criminal groups, it was a mere fraction of the size of the Galactic Empire,[65] under which Crimson Dawn thrived as one of the deadliest and most powerful syndicates around.[66] Though still active in the decades following the fall of the Empire, Crimson Dawn itself no longer held the influence it once did and was viewed as a relic of the past by contemporary underworld denizens such as Kanjiklubber Razoo Qin-Fee, who wished to defeat what was left of Crimson Dawn in the name of Kanjiklub and destroy the old ways, and the Master Codebreaker, who believed that the significant players that held the powers of the galaxy that Crimson Dawn once had was the Son-tuul Pride and the Guavian Death Gang.[6]

Behind the scenes[]

Crimson Dawn was created for the 2018 movie Solo: A Star Wars Story,[67] but was first mentioned on April 17, 2018 in both the novel Last Shot by Daniel José Older[68] and the choose-your-own-adventure book Choose Your Destiny: A Han & Chewie Adventure by Cavan Scott.[69] The organization would make its first appearance later that year when Solo: A Star Wars Story was officially released on May 25.[2]

Script writer on Solo, Jon Kasdan, stated that the name "Crimson Dawn" for the organization was conceived as a subtle way to hint Maul's appearance in the film, in addition to the artifacts from Dryden's study and Qi'ra's use of Teräs Käsi.[67]



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