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A ring was used only by the crime syndicate Crimson Dawn's most trusted capos, and was crime lord Dryden Vos's most prized possession. The ring was encoded to open protected data systems, and was used to contact the former Sith Lord Darth Maul, the secret true leader of Crimson Dawn. After the death of Vos in 10 BBY, Qi'ra used the ring to contact Maul and inform him of the situation.[2]


Drydens Signet Ring SASWS

Dryden wears his signet ring as a show of his authority and his dominance over Qi'ra

As the public face of Crimson Dawn, Dryden Vos wore the ring at all times when around others, such as on his yacht. When meeting with and then murdering Diles Anevi, Vos wore the ring. Afterwards, after a brief exchange with Tobias Beckett, Vos was introduced to Han Solo and Chewbacca, with the ring still on his finger. When Vos and his top lieutenant Qi'ra received the three scoundrels in Vos's office, both wore their respective versions of the ring.[2]


Maul was contacted by Qi'ra after Dryden Vos was killed

Later on, when the First Light arrived on Savareen, Vos was engaged in combat against Han Solo and Qi'ra. With the ring on his finger, Vos fought valiantly but was ultimately defeated and killed, having been surprised by the fellow ring-wielder Qi'ra's betrayal. After Vos's death, Qi'ra removed his ring from his finger and used it to contact Darth Maul to inform him what had occurred. After receiving instructions to regroup with Maul on Dathomir, Qi'ra abandoned Han on Savareen, with both rings now in her possession.[2]



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