Crimson Empire 5 was the fifth issue in the 6 part Crimson Empire series of comics, and was released on April 15, 1998 by Dark Horse Comics.

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The all-new Rogue Squadron debuts in action in this battle-filled chapter! It's all coming to a head -- the Rebels, now discovered by the Empire, are fighting for their lives in space, while on the planet Phaeda, Carnor Jax and his personal guard of stormtroopers search for Kir Kanos! The final battle of the last of the Royal Guards is about to begin -- and you've got a ringside seat!

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Rogue Squadron arrives at Phaeda to aid the New Republic forces after surviving an attack by Colonel Shev and orbital bombardment by Carnor Jax. Despite being outnumbered and outgunned, the Rogues manage to penetrate the defenses of the Star Destroyer Steadfast, commanded by Commander Vivant. Stunned by the show of force demonstrated by the New Republic, Vivant proceeds to order reinforcements when they face the ultimate incentive to surrender: General Wedge Antilles commanding the Lusankya.


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Meanwhile on Phaeda, Mirith Sinn and Sish Sadeet escape aboard Kir Kanos's ship, which turns out to be built around a Skipray Blastboat, which they use to return to the Lusankya.

At this same time, Carnor Jax has arrived at Yinchorr aboard the Emperor's Revenge to discover a Scimitar assault bomber in orbit. General Wessel orders the bomber captured via tractor beam, but Jax unhesitatingly makes his way to his personal shuttle, much to the consternation of Wessel. In the docking bay, Wessel orders the bomber burned open, only to discover a New Republic mess hall droid - and a shocking number of explosives. Expecting as much, Jax is well away when they go off, destroying the massive warship.

Landing on Yinchorr, Jax orders his cadre of elite Blackhole stormtroopers to scour the ruins for Kanos. As the stormtroopers search for Kanos, they are killed one by one by the unseen Kanos. Soon enough, the last of Jax's soldiers is dead, another body added to Kanos's pile.

Aboard the Lusankya, Mirith Sinn requests permission from General Antilles to follow Kanos to Yinchorr aboard her commandeered blastboat. Upon her arrival at Yinchorr with Sadeet, they discover the ruins of the Emperor's Revenge and absently question whether it is Kanos or Jax who may truly be in need of assistance.

On the surface, on The Squall, Kir Kanos and Carnor Jax meet once again to fight for the last time.


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