Crimson Empire 6 was the sixth and final issue in the six-part Crimson Empire series of comics, and was released on May 20, 1998 by Dark Horse Comics.

Publisher's summary[]

This is it! The final battle: the last of the Royal Guards, Kir Kanos versus Carnor Jax -- and only one walks away! Who wins? Who dies? And what is the fate of the Rebels? Find out in the amazing, action-filled conclusion to the saga that showed us a whole new side of the Star Wars universe!

Plot summary[]

Carnor Jax and Kir Kanos have met once again - for the final time - on The Squall on Yinchorr. One will walk away and one will not. The two engage in battle, both trading and receiving almost deadly blows. Jax demonstrates his newfound knowledge of the Force to throw a rock into his opponent's helmet, dazing him for a moment.

Meanwhile, Mirith Sinn and Sish Sadeet appear aboard Kanos's Skipray Blastboat and destroy Jax's shuttle. Jax's sycophantic right-hand man, Blim, has also taken up a sniping position on a bluff overlooking The Squall. Sadeet notices a brief flicker of light from Blim's location and proceeds to investigate. Sadeet discovers Blim and shoots him at point-blank range.

The sound of the shot reaches Kanos and Jax below, and Kanos realizes what Jax had set up. Further enraged, the two continue their vicious battle. Jax gains the upper hand and Kanos falls over the edge of the platform, barely hanging on by one hand. Before he making the killing move, Jax is stopped by the arrival of Sinn and Sadeet, holding him in the sights of their weapons and demand he surrender as a live prisoner. Jax expresses his regret at not killing Sinn earlier and leaves Kanos to kill them. Both Sinn and Sadeet are injured, but the distraction has allowed Kanos to clamber back onto the platform and impale Jax on his blade. Shocked, Jax reminds Kanos that his friends wanted him alive. Kanos said they were not his friends.

"Thus die all traitors," Kanos proclaims over Jax's dying form.

Still wanting Jax alive, Sadeet rushes Kanos before he can deliver the killing blow but is killed himself when Kanos reacts too fast to see, impaling Sadeet. Kanos removes Jax's helmet and leaves him for dead. Sinn, distraught over the sudden death of Sadeet, demands why Kanos did not return their help. His response to this is that he never asked for their help. As Kanos left, Sinn asked him who he would fight now that Jax was dead. "There are others" was his reply.

Lieutenant Massimo arrived on Phaeda soon after Kanos's departure, whereupon he discovered Sinn finishing Sadeet's grave. When Massimo asked where Kanos has gone, Sinn replied that he is simply gone. Sinn also swears to find Kanos, and kill him once she does...


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