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"Domina Tagge? She tried to end all life in the galaxy by spreading a disease called the Crimson Forever. Got closer than most."
Han Solo, to Jaxxon[src]

The Crimson Forever was a disease caused by the Great Life Jewels.


"What's happened to he kid? His eyes… They're completely red!"
"Yes. That's how it begins… the Crimson Forever!"
"The what…?!"
"That's the name we've given it… for want of a better one. I-it seems to be a kind of… plague."
Lando Calrissian and Leia Organa[src]

The first stage of the Crimson Forever

When the Great Life Jewels were separated, they produced a negative aura. This caused an exotic ailment, which induced a coma in its victims. The first stage of infection was a reddish color in the eyes of the infected, who stared into space while failing to respond to attempts at reviving them, thus providing the affliction with its name. Advanced stages were signaled by the skin of the victim turning entirely red. The only known survivor of Crimson Forever was Luke Skywalker, who, while under the fever, had intense dreams.[1]



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