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"When did a second-class scavenger like you pick up even a cast-off cruiser?"
―Han Solo to Crimson Jack[1]

This former Imperial battlecruiser was in operation as a pirate vessel during the early years of the Galactic Civil War.


Crimson Jack's cruiser in the Drexel system

The ship was driven by four main engines and a possible fifth, though this center engine appeared to be covered by armor at times, and might have functioned only as an auxiliary engine for emergencies. The hull was sleeker and more rounded than the Imperial-class Star Destroyers, and the main body was much more flat, with a protruding bulb towards the dorsal front of the ship.


The ship was damaged during a battle with the Rebel Alliance, and left adrift. After the battle, it was discovered by the space pirate Crimson Jack and his gang, who proceeded to kill the remaining crew members and use the vessel as their own base of operations. They repaired and modified the ship with backing from Jabba the Hutt.

They captured the Millennium Falcon with a tractor beam, and were lured to the planet Drexel where Han Solo claimed a secret Rebel treasury would be found. This venture turned out to be a trap and a failure for Crimson Jack, as his ship was permanently damaged when his second-in-command, Jolli, betrayed him and rammed the ship's command tower with her Y-wing starfighter.

The hulk was left to drift in orbit of Drexel, where it was found by Jabba's agents some time later. They recovered data from the ship's computer that revealed Solo's involvement in its destruction. Jabba furiously reposted the bounty on Solo that had been revoked some time earlier.



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