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"My son... Do you know what I see when I look at our family seal? I see a goal—that perfect circle. We must pull this world together—we must close the circle around Telos Four."
―Crion, to his son Xanatos[3]

Crion was a Human male who was the father of Xanatos and Nason, the grandfather of Granta Omega, and the corrupt governor of the planet Telos IV.


Crion was extremely wealthy, being the richest man on the planet. He let his son Xanatos go to train as a Jedi on Coruscant. Over the years, Crion used Telos' resources to create wealth for the planet and quickly ascended to power without help from his advisers or the Senate.

Soon, Crion had the power to launch an attack against neighboring systems. However, Crion soon found himself in a storm of criticism and discontent from his people, which motivated many of them to start an insurrection, seeing as he couldn't really do any serious move with the insurgents and the military both existing, he devised a plan in order to unify Telos IV. In order to achive this he at some point enlisted the help of a failed Jedi called Dairoki to murder High Priestess Liora, who was a beloved figure to both sides of the conflict, at the same time, He called for renegotiations with a nearby planet, Toprawa, but it was really a ruse, since he actually intended to make the Toprawans look like the culprits of the murder themselves. Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn and his apprentice Xanatos, along with Master Tahl and masterless padawan Orykan Tamarik came to investigate this matter. Crion asked his son to join him in his plans, while he initially refused he eventually gave in. Xanatos sabotaged the first meeting to enrage the Telosian population. All would not go as intended for the corrupt Lord, as in one of Dairoki's attempts at propaganda against the insurgents the main Telosian palace would be raided and Crion's own daughter, Nason would be killed. Sick of Dairoki's flawed plans, he demanded the former trainee to get off his planet, one way or another. Unfortunately for Crion, Dairoki once again tried to continue with the original plan and accidentally revealed the conspirancy to, one of the governor's top advisers, Hukowl An Devi, not knowing that the Ithorian had been kept in the dark about it, and thus allowing him to reveal all this information to the people of Telos IV denouncing Crion as the one true enemy the planet had and so, the populace rose up against their ruler. A civil war broke out, and many people died.


Crion dies before Qui-Gon Jinn can save him.

Prior to this civil war, Crion asked Xanatos to join him. Xanatos accepted, thus failing his final test as a Jedi. Qui-Gon was requested to leave the planet by the Jedi Order due to the situation getting out of control and while he did plan to follow, he was forced to enter Crion's palace to look for Xanatos, only to be immediatly attacked by the Lord and his royal guard, while Qui-Gon tried to reason with Crion, Orykian appeared from behind and tried to aid the master, only to be shot in the arm and disarm, while trying to stop Crion from killing the Padawan, Jinn destroyed his sword with a single swing, accidentally sending his Padawan's father to a fall onto a flaming charcoal bed, an enraged Xanatos soon appeared and tried to duel his master, calling him a King's slayer, he denounced the Jedi and embraced his anger, turning to the dark side of the Force. Xanatos picked up his father's burnt ring and pressed it to his right cheek, creating a broken-circle scar which eventually became the symbol of Offworld Mining Corporation.

Crion's corpse was later recovered by the insurgents.



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