Cris Tosiren, known to most of his associates as Sot-sirc, was a male Human who was born in the undercity of the planet Coruscant about forty years before the Clone Wars. Tosiren had few memories of his parents and from a young age, he was forced to carry out work for slavers, spice runners and religious cultists in order to survive, engaging in smuggling and acts of theft. He began cultivating relationships with a variety of individuals, to provide himself with sources of information, and he began wearing prosthetics in order to disguise his physical appearance.

During the Clone Wars, the HoloNet user Ins1dr posted a message on the HoloNet, claiming that Sot-sirc had previously helped the criminal Len Markus to locate the Darkstaff, a powerful, ancient Sith artifact that Markus discovered in the Cularin system in about 31 BBY. Ins1dr also claimed that Sot-sirc had recently returned to the Cularin system.



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